cpa audit ch1 review 4

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  1. True or False ----Financial oriented support staff may not require specific ElderCare (PrimePlus) training..
    True --- Because support staff are primarily involved in the financial aspects of the engagement, they may not need specific ElderCare (PrimePlus) training.
  2. SysTrust is an assurance service designed to
    Increase the comfort of management and other stakeholders relative to an information system.

    The objective of SysTrust is an attestation report on management’s assertion about the reliability of an information system that supports a business or a given activity. The CPA also may report directly on the reliability of the system. This assurance service is designed to increase the stakeholders’ comfort relative to the system’s satisfaction of the SysTrust principles: online privacy, security, processing integrity, availability, and confidentiality. The practitioner may provide assurance about any or all of these principles.
  3. Under the assurance service WebTrust, the broad principles relating to websites are
    security, availability, confidentiality, processing integrity, and Online privacy.

    WebTrust provides assurance about compliance with the principles of online privacy, security, processing integrity, availability, and confidentiality. It is a modular service that allows the practitioner to express an opinion and grant the corresponding seal with respect to individual principles or combinations of principles.
  4. In testing the existence assertion for an asset, an auditor ordinarily works from the
    Accounting records to the supporting evidence.

    The existence assertion concerns whether assets, liabilities, or equity interests of the entity exist at a given time. The direction of testing is ordinarily from the accounting records to the supporting evidence, often including direct observation of the asset. Thus, the auditor selects from items contained in a financial statement amount and searches for appropriate (relevant and reliable) evidence that is sufficient.
  5. The authoritative body designated to promulgate standards concerning an accountant’s association with unaudited financial statements of an entity that is not required to file financial statements with an agency regulating the issuance of the entity’s securities is the
    Accounting and Review Services Committee.

    The AICPA bylaws designate the Accounting and Review Services Committee as the senior technical committee authorized to issue pronouncements in connection with the unaudited financial statements or other unaudited financial information of a nonissuer.
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