psychology week 7 - chapter 5

  1. consciousness refers to:
    the subjective awareness of mental events
  2. consciousness serves 2 functions, these are:
    • monitoring the self and the environment¬†
    • and controlling thought and behaviour
  3. Attention is defined as:
    the process of focusing conscious awareness, providing heightened sensitivity to a limited range of experience, requiring more extensive information processing
  4. daydreaming is defined as:
    turning attention away from external stimuli to internal thoughts and imagined scenarios
  5. Freud discovered 3 types of mental oricesses within the psychodynamic perspective, these include:
    • conscious,
    • preconscious
    • unconscious
  6. from the cognitive perspective
    cognitive unconsciousness focuses on:
    information-processing mechanisms that operate outside of awareness
  7. from the behvioural perspetive
    two functions of consciousness are:
    • to monitor and control and
    • to allow people to initiate and terminate thought and behaviour in order to attain goals
  8. from the evolutionary perspective
    consciousness evolved as:
    • a mechanism for directing behaviour in adaptive ways
    • its primary function is to be able to adapt
  9. sleep cycle is governed by:
    circadian rhythms (body clock that evolved around light and dark)
  10. 2 major stages of sleep are
    • rapid eye movement (REM)¬†
    • and non-REM
  11. Most dreaming occurs during:
    REM sleep
  12. 3 theories on dreaming include:
    • 1. freuds - dreams have meaning that can be distinguished by the storyline (manifest content) and the underlying meaning (latent content)
    • 2. dreams are outcomes of cognitive processes and the content reflects the concerns and metaphors people express in their waking cognition
    • 3. dreams are biological phenomena with no meaning at all
  13. altered states of consciousness is:
    the usual conscious way of perceiving, thinking and feeling is modified or disrupted
  14. what can bring on altered states of consciousness
    • medication,
    • hypnosis,
    • ingestion of drugs or alcohol
    • religious experiences
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