709(A) Color codes

  1. what parts make up the 5 element marking system?
    • 1 Back ground
    • 2 # of bands
    • 3 color of markings
    • 4 chemical agent symbol (exact filling)
    • 5 descriptive word
  2. I have a grey background with a solid green band and green writing. My symbols include GB, CG and CK. My descriptive writing is Gas. What am I?
    Non-Persistent chemical agent

    Rockets, Projectiles and Mortars
  3. I have a Grey background with 2 solid green bands and my writing is in green. My symbols include VX, HD, H, and HT. My descriptive word is Gas. What am I ?
    Persistent Toxic Chemical Agent

    Rockets, Projectiles and Mortars
  4. I have a Grey background with 1 Red band and Red markings. My symbols include CN, CS, CS1 and CN1. My descriptive word is Gas. What am I?
    I am riot control agent.

    Hand Grenades and Rifle Grenades
  5. I have a Grey background with 1 Violet band and violet markings. My symbols include TH, NPPT1 and PTV. My descriptive word is INCENDIARY. What am I?

    Hand Grenades and Rockets
  6. I have a Grey background with a yellow band and yellow writing. my symbols include HC, WP and PWP. My descriptive word is Smoke. What am I?

    • Burning Smoke color
    • Hand grenades and rifle grenades

    • Bursting smoke PWP/WP
    • Hand grenades, Rifle grenades, Projectile, Mortar, Rocket
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709(A) Color codes
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