Cardiology paediatrics

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  1. What family history would you look for?
    hereditary disease, sudden death, maternal lupus
  2. What 5 personal history aspects might you look for?
    chest pain, murmur, joint problems, medications, neurology
  3. What are the 2 most common causes of cyanotic heart disease?
    tetralogy of fallot, transposition of great arteries, truncus arteriosus
  4. what are the 4 most common causes of acyanotic heart disease?
    VSD, PDA, ASD, endocardial cushion defects
  5. What syndromal associations are there with heart disease?
    Holt-Oram syndrome (autosomal dominant), Down's, trisomy 13 + 18, tetralogy of fallot
  6. What are the complications of VSDs?
    failure to thrive, recurrent RTIs, Eisenmenger's syndrome
  7. What is management for transposition of the grat arteries?
    Prostaglandin E, reimplant aorta and pulmonary trunks with transfer o the coronary arteries.
  8. On x ray you see a boot shaped heart. What do you consider and what association is there?
    Tetralogy of fallot, associated with Downs syndrome
  9. What is management of tetralogy fo fallot?
    postpone repair til 5-7 years.
  10. On echo you are told there is tricuspid insufficiency, with inferior displacement of the tricuspid into the R ventricle. The CXR shows a balloon shaped heart. What is this?
    Ebstein's anomaly
  11. What is the association of cardiomyopathies?
    metabolic anomalies
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