DAT reproductive anatomy

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  1. Female
    Ovary, oviduct (fallopean tube), Uterus, vagina
  2. ovary
    ova(ovum) or eggs produced here. 2 in female body
  3. oviduct
    fallopean tube, pathway from ovary to uterus
  4. endometrium
    inner wall of uterus
  5. cervix
    opening in uterus to vagina through which fetus passes
  6. Male
    testes, epididymis, vas defernes, seminal vesicles, prostate gland, bulbourethral glands (cowper's glands) and penis
  7. seminiferous tubules
    in testes, produces sperm
  8. interstitial cells
    in testes, produce male sex hormones (ie testeron and other androgens)
  9. epididymis
    coiled tube attached to each testies that act as a final maturation site of sperm
  10. Vas deferens
    Two tubes transfers sperm from epididymis to urethra
  11. Seminal vesicles
    Two glands secrete mucus (liquid medium for sperm), fructose (energy for sperm), and prostagladins (stimulate uterine contraction to help sperm move into uterus)
  12. Prostate gland
    Secrete milky fluid into urethra to neutralize acidity of urine and vagina
  13. Penis
    urethra passes through penis to transport semen into vagina
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DAT reproductive anatomy
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