CHN Ch.4 Financing

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  1. What is medicare part A?
    hospital benefits; no premium
  2. What is medicare Part B?
    Supplemental care; premiums.
  3. What is medicare Part C?
    Parts A, B, D combined.
  4. What is medicare Part D?
    Drug coverage.
  5. What does medicare NOT cover?
    • long-term care. 
    • ltd nursing home care.
    • cosmetic.
    • drugs.
    • dental, eye, ear, foot.
    • ltd home health services.
    • diabetic supplies
  6. What are direct services vs. indirect services?
    per visit, per session vs. the random care that the nurses do during their shift. They're hourly, it's not like they pay for every single care they do during that shift.
  7. What are the risk-groups that are at risk for ltd access to healthcare?
    • Poor children
    • Elderly
    • Medically Indigent.
  8. What is the Children Health Insurance Program?
    Health insurance to low income, uninsured children.
  9. Who is eligible for Medicaid?
    • 65+, contributed to it by taxes while they were working.
    • Those under 65 with ESRD
  10. Term used to describe payment that is dispursed after care is given?

    A) prospective
    B) managed care 
    C) retrospective
    D) insurance
    C) retrospective
    (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  11. What is prospective insurance?
    Payment by case-by-case basis.
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