Palm Reading 2

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  1. Jupiter is?
    Mirror – self reflection
  2. Saturn is?
    Wall – values
  3. Apollo is?
    Peacock - social expression
  4. Mercury is?
    Antenna – communication
  5. Long Jupiter?
    Willing to work hard. Take themselves too seriously. High ideals. Exaggerated sense of self. Self criticism.
  6. Short Jupiter?
    Feelings of being inadequate. Aversion to self-analysis.
  7. Short Jupiter with long Apollo?
    Compensation for lack of self-reflection by having a larger than life personality.
  8. Jupiter bent towards Saturn?
    One’s sense of self relative to job, family, or authority.
  9. Long Saturn?
    Academics. Practical, methodical, sense of duty and values.
  10. Short Saturn?
    Frustrated by rules and restrictions. Disorganized. Stressful
  11. Bent Saturn?
    Unconventional. Non-conformist.
  12. Long Apollo?
    Need for social kudos and sense of drama is strong. Does not take self seriously in public. Seeks appreciation.
  13. VERY long Apollo?
    Risk taking. Self-destructive behavior. Need recognition. Need attention and to stand out.
  14. Short Apollo?
    Does not care what the public thinks of them.
  15. Apollo bent toward Saturn?
    Creative expression and pleasure inhibited by sense of duty.
  16. Long Mercury?
    Manipulate ideas easily. A love of language and expressing ideas. They are witty and curious. Sexually expressive.
  17. Short Mercury?
    Under developed sexual and intimate articulacy. Sometimes symbolizes problems with the father. Negative relationship cycles. Hostility towards wordiness. Lack curiosity. Rarely read.
  18. Mercury bends to Apollo?
    Liars hand. Manipulates language for effect without expressing the unvarnished truth. Says what others want to hear.
  19. Mercury is very bent?
    Speech or language impediment.
  20. Mercury sticks out far from the others?
    Eccentric and sexually adventurous.
  21. Where is the loop of leisure?
    Between Mercury and Apollo.
  22. Where is the loop of industry?
    Between Apollo and Saturn.
  23. Where is the loop of leadership?
    Between Saturn and Jupiter.
  24. Where is the loop of sensitivity?
    In Lunar area
  25. What is the whorl of Lunar?
    Cut off, secretive, hard to get to know, people find them odd. Fascinated with psychology. Can be edgy.
  26. Base of life line missing?
    Family uprooted or change of culture. Often transient.
  27. Short weak life line?
    No pattern to diet or sleep.
  28. Weak life line?
    Fragile and weak grip on life. Need support outside themselves (money, partner, career). Vulnerable to unstable life patterns and domineering partners.
  29. Short life line?
    weak assimilation of food. insecurity. Poor health.
  30. Large sweeping life line?
    Abundance, vitality, drive to get stuck in life.
  31. Life line begins high up?
    Ambitious person.
  32. Break in life line?
    An event (divorce, change in career) and startedover or renewed themselves.
  33. Break after life line strong?
    They will thrive.
  34. Break after life line weak?
    There will be problems.
  35. Line after break in life line far out?
    Live a fuller life.
  36. Line after break in life line close to thumb?
    Live a quieter life than previously.
  37. Striated life line (made up of many fine broken lines)?
    A person whom is unsettled. Difficulty in committing to anything. Nervous. Digestion problems.
  38. Life line made up of islands?
    Unstable family relationships. Weak digestion. Like to take frequent baths or showers.
  39. Life line thick and trough like?
    High toxicity in body.
  40. Life line has large single island near base of the line?
    Unhappy or unstable time in late middle age. Possibly an illness.
  41. Base of life line curls deep into the thumb?
    Fixed sense of a permanence. Often unwilling to travel. Like to remain close to family.
  42. Life line lines branching away at base?
    Desire for travel and change.
  43. Life line base ends with fork?
    Both homing instinct and a desire to travel.
  44. Life line ends on lunar mount?
    Highly mobile person always searching for roots and where they belong. Life is a journey to them.
  45. Small lines branching up the life line reaching toward Jupiter?
    New beginnings. Positive events.
  46. Small lines branching down the life line?
    Restlessness, need for change, dissatisfaction.
  47. Line that runs parallel to life line (support line)?
    Little props that sustain us through life. Husbands, wives, long term friends, family.
  48. Abundance of support lines?
    Someone bound up in the lives of others.
  49. A short clear line within the base of the life line?
    A need to get away from it all later in life. To retreat to nature.
  50. Lines that cross the whole of Venus are call what?
    Stress lines.
  51. And abundance of stress lines means what?
    Domestic stress and chaotic home life.
  52. A stress line that crosses and breaks the life line means what?
    A negative event that was outside the person’s control.
  53. A double life line?
    A sense of needing to embrace two lifestyles. Leading two separate lives.
  54. Reading a head line is compared to reading what?
    A light beam. The further the light extends the more possibilities are seen and taken in consideration.
  55. Where does the long head line end?
    Under Mercury.
  56. A long head line means?
    Philosophically inclined. Think outside the box.
  57. Where does the short head line end?
    Under Saturn.
  58. A short head line means?
    Focused on what is immediately in front of them. Usually successful in business.
  59. What is the average length of the head line?
    Under Apollo.
  60. What is the head line is broken up or has islands and/or bars?
    They can’t see clearly. Distraction. Confusion. Lets others think for them.
  61. What do islands on the head line mean?
    Stressful points where the mind distorts issues out of proportion.
  62. Islands on the head line under Jupiter mean?
    Problems in self-perception, ambitions and parental expectations.
  63. Islands on the head line under Saturn mean?
    Difficulties in perceiving the fixed and mundane (marriage, money, security, work)
  64. Islands on the head line under Apollo mean?
    Issues with looks, image, creativity, fun and self expression.
  65. Islands on the head line under Mercury?
    Poor perception in ideas, finance, business, communication and/or sex.
  66. Lines (ANY lines no matter how fine) running from the head line to one if the digits mean?
    Interest in the subject.
  67. What if head line is deep and trench like?
    The mind has a tendency to repetitive patterns of thought and dullness.
  68. A straight head line means?
    (The Spock line) Direct, logical, objective. The truth is all that matters. They are blunt and unsentimental. Everything is black and white.
  69. A bent head line means?
    They see things more personally, the world is perceived by whatever mood they are in. They are more artistic and intuitive. The journey is more important than getting there. They are more flexible in their thoughts.
  70. A very bent head line means?
    Their thoughts are intertwined with their feelings and dreams. Periods of depression and/or social withdrawal. They literally or metaphorical lock themselves away.
  71. What is the Sydney line?
    A head line that continues straight across the hand.
  72. What happens when the Sydney line cuts off the Lunar quadrant?
    The person is cut off from their inner feelings. They will be unsentimental and have a hard edge to their personality.
  73. Sydney line people tend to be?
    Strong characters, talkative but not emotional. They can’t relax. Are great at coping with emotional adversity but not always with life experiences. Highly intelligent.
  74. Physical ailments of people with the Sydney line are?
    Constipation and troubles sleeping and eating.
  75. Sydney line on the passive hand means?
    Poor attention span, dyslexia and childhood behavioral problems.
  76. The bigger the gap between the head line and the life line means what?
    The larger the gap the more the person has mentally opened a gap between themselves and their roots and the more open minded they are generally.
  77. A large gap between the head line and life line means what?
    Ambitious, they bite off more than they can chew. Not on the same mental wavelength as their parents.
  78. Head line and life line are tied together?
    One is cautious, relates to their background, education and formative worldview. One is less inclined to move out of their own mental framework and depth.
  79. What is a ‘clinging’ head line?
    Where the head line clings to the life line excessively.
  80. What does a clinging head line mean?
    Psychological dependence. Lack of confidence. Common among ultra-orthodox religious groups. Such people cannot make decisions for themselves without consulting the rules, procedures or accepted beliefs.
  81. What do tangled lines connecting the head line and life line mean?
    Complex patterns of insecurity and confidence. For example, someone who is bursting with confidence at work but is inhibited with their family.
  82. What if the beginning of the headline is missing?
    No early memory and late mental development.
  83. If the head line has a line linking it to the Mars mount?
    The person will have called on great courage in life and they will have a pushy character.
  84. If the head line begins in mars mount?
    They will be somewhat bullish and may see conflict in the most innocuous situations.
  85. What are forks at the end of the head line called?
    Writer’s fork.
  86. What do forks at the end of the head line mean?
    Mental agility and the ability to make practical expressions of inspiration.
  87. A large writer’s fork means?
    Mental diversity. For example, loves introspective poetry but also loves level headed pragmatism.
  88. A double head line means?
    Double personality. They will think and function differently in two separate situations.
  89. Short parallel lines floating above the head line mean?
    A more elevate vision that is available only in certain situations. For example, only when they are with certain people are they able to perceive a higher awareness.
  90. Lots of lines heading off the head line toward the fingers?
    Too many influences. Someone who has lots of issues and who listens to many different people.
  91. A bar horizontal bar line at the end of the head line that looks like a broken Sydney line means?
    A long period of striving. It is a negative nurturing experience (usually the mother). It is a person who is never satisfied because they are always striving to reach the mark.
  92. What is the Simian line?
    A line where the head line and heart line are one single line.
  93. What does a Simian line mean?
    An intense and obsessive person. They are silently raging storms. Thoughts and feelings are synonymous. Are absolutely dedicated to their passions. (athletes, intellectuals, self-made magnates, religious fanatics and criminals). One track minds that are usually socially awkward. They find it difficult to relax. Once in a relationship they rarely let it go.
  94. The depth of the heart line means what?
    The deeper the line, the deeper the feelings. The more shallow the line the more shallow the feelings.
  95. A straight heart line means?
    Unsubtle and direct. Not much ado or preamble.
  96. A curved heart line means?
    Graceful and romantic.
  97. What if the heart line is broken?
    A break in the continuity of relationships. Hesitation in expressing feelings. The break is restricts the ability to feel but the new line symbolizes emotional renewal and new emotional experiences.
  98. What if the heart line is a chain of islands?
    The person will be moody, changeable and often lost in the turbulence of their own emotions.
  99. What to lines breaking off the heart line and going towards the fingers mean?
    Higher, more idealistic yearnings and experiences.
  100. What to lines dropping off the heart line mean?
    Fearfulness and insecurity.
  101. What is a good heart line?
    Clear, curved, ending between Jupiter and Saturn.
  102. What does a good heart line mean?
    Optimistic, romantic, spiritual and sensual. Compassionate.
  103. A low heart line means (starting close to air line)?
    Emotions that are deep under the surface. Emotional caution but extremely loyal once they trust you.
  104. A short straight heart line ending under Saturn means?
    Person cannot connect to others. They lack empathy. (sociopathic tendencies)
  105. A heart line that crosses the entire palm means?
    Extremely compassionate, can’t say no, but because it is straight they express their emotions practically. Their emotions are repressed (making it difficult to express words of love) yet they are full of caring devotion.
  106. Straight heart line ending under Jupiter means?
    They are loving and passionate but lack idealism. Do not take them for granted or they will pursue other conquests.
  107. Straight red heart lines are?
    Highly sexual.
  108. If the heart line curves up into Saturn?
    There is emotional idealism but only for the permanent connections in that person’s life. (long term partner, family, long term friends). They tend to keep lots of pets. They are not romantically adventurous. Instead they express love by the giving and receiving of presents. They choose security over passion.
  109. If the heart line fractures with falling lines toward life line?
    Negative expectation or actual experience of severe loss.
  110. If the heart line curves up into Jupiter?
    Emotional idealism. A sign for the need of a spiritual aspect to life. Put their partners on pedestals and always see the best in people. Their idea of fairy tale love can create a wistful restlessness.
  111. What does a broken off heart line mean?
    Respond to others superficially. They are hard to get to know and are often an enigma to themselves. They have learned that even though they feel one thing they are taught to show another.
  112. The greater the gap between a broken heart line?
    The greater the gap between their social face and their inner feelings.
  113. A dropping single heart line?
    Usually same sex orientation. A need to hold on to someone to stabilize and root one’s self. Experience of personal tragedy. Fear of loss and jealousy.
  114. A branch form the heart line that touches the water line means?
    Very strong connection to parents. They need lots of emotional support and proof of commitment. They are sentimental and dwell in the past. It is difficult for them to let go and hold on far to long tin hopeless cases.
  115. Heart line drops into Mars mount?
    Loss of close relationship and depression. Linked to diabetes.
  116. Lots of little lines shooting out of end of heart line?
    A natural flirt.
  117. Lines connect head line and heart line under Saturn?
    Obsessed with family and security. Can’t let go of commitments and need to be married.
  118. Lines connect head line and heart line under Apollo?
    Obsessed with being popular.
  119. Islands on heart line?
    Emotionally confusing periods.
  120. What is the fate line?
    This is not success. It is person values and our personal path in life. How we see our direction. It helps us define goals, lifestyles, values and loyalties.
  121. Fate line stretches from base all the way to finger?
    Bearers feel little sense of choice in life. They feel destined to their path and that life offers them little choice. Remind them that they have control of their destiny and can change it.
  122. No fate line means?
    A sense of not having found one’s self. Has no sense of what they are defined by, no individual character, no idea what work and lifestyle they want. Immature and incoherent behavior.
  123. No fate line but strong life line?
    Life defined by structure. Government work, universities and military are good examples. They are comfortable in a pre-established pattern and code for life goals and no individual input.
  124. What does a striated fate line mean?
    The person’s personal values that define them are breaking down and outside influences are pervading the soul. It’s about getting identity through work instead of personal satisfaction from within it. Without the trappings of success these are weakly defined people.
  125. An overly bold fate line means?
    Difficult uncompromising people. They define the world by their own terms. Strong characters. Thinks everyone is against them. They are very dominate people.
  126. Fate line starts at base of palm?
    Early sense of responsibility, balanced personality, common sense beyond their years.
  127. Fate line starts in lunar quadrant?
    There is an emphasis on using emotions and the feminine side. Relationships will be priority int heir lives. Their life balance comes from people. They are good at schmoozing.
  128. Line in lunar quadrant joins existing fate line or  replaces previous one?
    Mid-life someone wants more. A new commitment or friendship/relationship that alters one’s goals.
  129. Fate line curves deeply from within the lunar quadrant?
    Unusual job and lifestyle and an aversion to conventional life patterns. They are leery about commitment to anything. Eccentric, off center, unpredictable person.
  130. Fate line originates from life line?
    They will base their goals on their roots (background, education) and be much less individualistic and more conventional. They march on the road placed before them. Usually they chose the same profession as their parents.
  131. Islands in the fate line?
    Indicates periods of unemployment or complete loss of identity within a large organization or relationship.
  132. Where is the mirage line?
    It floats above the heart line (vertically)
  133. What does the mirage line indicate?
    Vivid imagination, a need to escape the mundane world for something higher and more meaningful. (art buffs, film buffs, trekkies, spiritual thinkers). These people seek out strong partners, more level headed than themselves.
  134. What is the negative aspect to the mirage line?
    Drug taking, introverts, people who prefer dreams to reality. The escape artists.
  135. Mirage line with good head and earth line?
    They are inspired and bring their imagination into their art (composers who hear the music as they write or writers who live their characters)
  136. Mirage with weak air and earth lines?
    Conspiracy theorists, high drama from ordinary experiences. Irrational visionary.
  137. A very strong mirage line means?
    A refusal to be realistic, never let go of their illusions. They have a hard time connecting intimately in a direct emotional manner.
  138. Mirage line plunges into heart line?
    A clash between ideals and reality. (guru makes a pass at them, lover abandons them)
  139. Fragmented mirage line?
    Extremely sensitive. Like hallucinogenic. Easily disoriented.
  140. What if affection line reaches into palm?
    A tremendous search for the right partner is big part of their life. Always looking for their soul mate.
  141. Affection line plunges toward heart line or crosses heart line?
    Subliminally incline toward a difficult relationship. Often seen when divorce is present. Person set themselves up for it.
  142. Affection line cuts upward around the little finger?
    Cuts off sexuality. Stays out of mating game for long periods. May endure long celibate relationships. Sexual hang ups.
  143. Affection line ends in an island?
    Distorted unclear view of relationships. Tentative with the object of their affection. Get into messy holding relationships.
  144. Where is the passion line?
    A straight line running from the heart line toward the base of the little finger (in between Apollo and Mercury)
  145. What does the passion line indicate?
    Highly visual and responsive person. Definitely a lights on person. Takes sex very seriously. Usually voyeurs.  Easily confuses sex with infatuation and love. This doesn’t mean they are highly sexual, it means they have a reel of erotic possibilities going on in their minds. Literally it is sex on the mind type of person.
  146. Fragmented passion line?
    Restless sexual imagination. Curious about other people’s sex lives and don’t necessarily live out their own fantasies.
  147. Passion line crosses heart line and points toward earth line?
    Sexually jealous and possessive. They’ll want the sexual upper hand. Inclined to be sexually manipulative.
  148. Where is the Apollo line?
    Under the ring finger. Only counts when it begins further down from the level of the head line or lower. (Above is the peacefulness of retirement and is found on most hands)
  149. What does the line of Apollo mean?
    A need for peace and quiet, a sense of contentment and an inner life. Bearers can tune out others. They need alone time and are connected to the inner self. They are introspective.
  150. What does a strong Apollo line mean?
    EXTREME introvert. May hear voices or constantly ‘consulting spirit’. Tuned out of reality.
  151. Lack of Mercury line?
    Lack of awareness of bodily presence. Unaware of fatigue, indigestion or other ailments.
  152. Fine and clear Mercury line?
    Idea makers, inventers, can apply themselves mentally for long periods.
  153. Fragmented Mercury line?
    Digestive aliments.
  154. Broken and deep Mercury line?
    Never feeling quite right. Suffer from ‘nerves’.
  155. Islands on the Mercury line?
    Exaggerate problems and if island crosses the head line, chest complaints (infection, pneumonia, asthma)
  156. Mercury long and crosses life line?
    Illness occurs at chronological striking point.
  157. A fine long curved Mercury line is called what?
    A spirit line.
  158. What does the spirit line mean?
    In touch with subconscious. Found on mediums and extremely feminine and gentle people.
  159. Where is Mars line?
    Inner mars mount close to thumb.
  160. What does Mars line indicate?
    High energy high metabolism people. Can pack on food and burn it away easily. A very intense person.
  161. Where is the family line?
    Line from base of Venus to life line.
  162. What does family mean?
    A very loyal person.
  163. Family line crosses life line?
    Loyalty crisis and sense of betrayal.
  164. Where is the intensity line?
    A straight horizontal line in the lunar quadrant.
  165. What does the intensity line mean?
    The inner responses need to be stimulated and stirred up in order to relax. They need to do something to relax. People who need an emotional high. Common in therapists. They are thrill seekers, love to party. They like to drink, dress up, role play, do drugs. Incapable f looking into themselves.
  166. Where is the allergy line?
    A curved horizontal line in the lunar quadrant.
  167. Where are the Samaritan lines?
    Very fine lines, vertical, cross the heart line. Needs to be four or more.
  168. What do Samaritan lines mean?
    Caretakers of all kinds. Nurses, healers, therapists.
  169. Where is the ring of Solomon?
    Ring under Jupiter.
  170. What does the ring of Solomon mean?
    Cuts off the mirror and provides insight into others. VERY good at reading others.
  171. Where is the teacher’s square?
    A square under Jupiter.
  172. What does the teacher’s square mean?
    Great teacher.
  173. Where are aspiration lines?
    They rise up from the life line toward the index finger. They represent a new job, children, a better situation.
  174. Stars?
    Sudden exposure or publicity.
  175. Bars?
  176. Islands?
    Inability to comprehend or cope with a situation
  177. Squares?
    Signs of rebuilding and protection.
  178. Grilles?
    Chaotic attitudes.
  179. Crosses?
    Positives to be made in a conflicting set of choices.
  180. Red dots?
    Flare ups, accidents, personal battles.
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