Facility Inspections

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  1. 154-what are the requirements for equipment with internal combustion engines:
    • does not constitute a fire hazard
    • Has a fire extinguisher approved by a labratory listed in 46 CFR 162.028-5, unless such a fire extinguisher is located near by.
  2. 156-What are  PIC supervisory responsibilities during transfers?
    • Supervise the connect and disconnect proceedure
    • Give instruction to start the flow of product
  3. 105-What is 105 applicable to?
    • Owner Operator of any U.S. Facilities 
    • 1.  subj to Parts 126, 127, or 154
    • 2.  that embark or disembark passengers from a vessel cert for more than 150 passengers. 
    • 3. receive vessels subj to SOLAS 74 CH XI
    • 4. receives foreign cargo vessels greater than 100 gross register tons subj to 46 CFR Ch I Subj Chp I
    • 5. Barge fleeting facilities which receive barges carrying cargoes subj to 46 CFR Chp I, Sub D or O, or Certain Dangerous Cargoes.

  4. 105-Which facilities does 105 not apply to?
    • Owner Operator of U.S. facilities which
    • 1. is owned and operator by the U.S. primarily as a Military facility.
    • 2. to be continued
  5. 105-What is a public access area
    The public place within a facility that provides pedestrian access through the facility from public throughfares to the vessel.
  6. 105-In the case of a lost damaged or stolen TWIC how long can the individual receive un-escorted access to a facility.
    • 7 Days as long as
    • 1. its  reported as required by 49 CFR 15772.19(f)(c)
    • 2. another ID meeting 101.515 is presented
    • 3. no other suspicious circumstances exists.
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