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    • what does FTP stand for
    • file transfer protocol
  1. what ports are utilized by FTP
  2. what command is used to change the current working directory of the client (local computer)
  3. what command copies (uploads) the source file from the client to the current working directory on the server
    put source_file [destination_file]
  4. what command is used to exit FTP
    • quit
    • bye
  5. what are the two GUI-based third party FTP applications most end users employ
    • CuteFTP
    • WS_FTP
  6. what does TFTP stand for
    trivial file transfer protocol
  7. what port does TFTP utilize
  8. what size of fixed length blocks are TFTP files sent in
    512 bytes
  9. what TFTP command line parameter specifies binary image transfer mode (also called octet)
    tftp -i
  10. what does DNS stand for
    domain name system
  11. what is the importance of DNS
    is a distributed database used by TCP/IP applications to convert fully qualified domain names (FQDNs) into IP address and other way around
  12. what do FQDNs consist of
    • a host name
    • a domain name that includes the top level domain
  13. what does TLD stand for
    top level domain
  14. what are the two groups TLDs are separated into
    • country code
    • generic
  15. what are the fourteen primary categories gTLDs are separated into
    • .com
    • .edu
    • .gov
    • .int
    • .mil
    • .net
    • .org
  16. if a DNS query is unsuccessful, what port will be used to contact another DNS server to assist in the resolve
  17. what does NCB stand for
    network control block
  18. what TCP well-known port does NBSS utilize
  19. what is the 16th character in a NETBIOS name reserved by Microsoft for
    NetBIOS suffix
  20. what well-known port does the NetBIOS name service utilize
  21. what are the three methods of mapping NetBIOS names to IP addresses on small networks that don't perform routing:
    • IP broadcasting
    • The lmhosts file
    • NBNS NetBIOS Name Server
  22. what does NBNS stand for
    NetBIOS Name Service
  23. what is the definition of HTTP
    • hypertext transfer protocol
    • is a protocol by which world wide web clients and servers communicate
  24. what well-known port does HTTP utilize
  25. what is a client or server that fulfils the requirements for its version of the HTTP protocol is said to be
    compliant with the HTTPa specification
  26. what does MIME stand for
    multipurpose internet mail extensions
  27. what are HTTP requests
    is made by a client, to a named host, which is located on a server
  28. what are HTTP responses
    • is made by a server to a client
    • the aim of the response is to provide the client with the resource it requested, or inform the client that the action is requested has been carried out
  29. what is a proxy server
    is a server that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers
  30. what is a proxy that focuses on world wide web traffic is called
    web proxy
  31. what are especially useful to those seeking online anonymity because they are difficult to track
    anonymous proxy server
  32. what is a reverse proxy server
    is usually an internet-facing proxy used as a front-end to control and protect access to a server on a private network and perform tasks such as load-balancing, authentication, and decryption or caching
  33. what are men-in-the-middle, and represent an opportunity for man-in-the-middle attacks
    HTTP proxies
  34. what is content-filtering web proxy
    A content-filtering web proxy server provides administrative control over the content that may be relayed through the proxy.
  35. what does MSA stand for
    Mail Submission Agent (MSA).
  36. what does MX stand for
    mail exchange
  37. what does POP stand for
    post office protocol
  38. what well known port does TLS and SSL utilize
    port 995.
  39. what port is utilized by SMTP
  40. what does SMTP stand for
    simple mail transfer protocol
  41. what protocol do client mail applications typically use for sending messages to a mail server for relaying
  42. what protocol do client application usually use to receive messages
  43. what does MUA stand for
    mail user agent
  44. what does MTA stand for
    mail transfer agent
  45. what DNS resource record does a SMTP server acting as client look up to determine which SMTP server to connect to for a recipient's domain name
    MX DNS
  46. what two ports are server administrators able to choose for clients to use for relaying outbound mail to a mail server
    • port 25
    • port 587
  47. what well-known port is utilized by POP
    port 110
  48. what does TLS stand for
    transport layer security
  49. what does SSL stand for
    secure sockets layer
  50. what port is utilized by POP3S
  51. what does IMAP stand for
    internet message access protocol
  52. what well known port does IMAP utilize
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