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  1. a person that is overdosed on something shows up to er, next step
    • give naloxone
    • dextrose
    • thiamine
    • oxygen
    • ns
    • urine tox
  2. when is gastric emptying an answer
  3. when is intubation and lavage used
    fist 1-2 hours when initial dextrose thiamine naloxone did not work
  4. a toxicology case, and you do not know what to do, you should give what
  5. next step for someone with tylenol ingestion
    • give nac
    • get tylenol level
  6. what shoudl be orderd for aspirin toxicity
    • asa level
    • abg
    • pt inr ptt
    • cbc
    • chemistry
  7. what should be ordered on tox screen for all pts
    • aspirin
    • alcohol
    • acetominophen
  8. alkalanizatgion of urine helps excrtete what toxins
    • aspirin
    • tca
    • phenobarbital
    • chlorpropramide
  9. rx for benzo overdoes
    • let them sleep
    • no flumazenil bc it may induce seizures if chronically used
  10. mnx of co poisoning
    • 100% oxygen
    • co levels
  11. when do you give digibind for digoxin
    for cardiac and neuro disease
  12. cyanosis + normal pa02 is
  13. mnx of someonw ith tca overdose
    ekg and give bicarb if qrs is prolonged
  14. rx for black widow
    brown recluse bites

    debridement of wound, maybe steroids or dapsone
  15. hypothermia ekg finding
    j waves of osborn
  16. rx for acute angle closure glaucoma
    pilocarpine eye drops
  17. mnx of a condition where the pt feels like a curtian is coming down the eye
    consult opthalmolog and do dilated eye exam
  18. dx of uveitis and rx
    dx of conjunctivits and rx
    dx of glaucoma and rx
    dx of abrasion and rx
    • slit lamp exam and steroids
    • clinical and abx
    • tonometry and pilocarpine, acetazolamine, timolol, or prostaglandins
    • flourescin stain and observe
  19. capacity to make decisions is dtermined by courts or doctors
  20. during what trimester does a woman have unrestricted rights to abortion
    1st trimester
  21. does an hiv + surgeon have to disclose his hiv status to patients?
  22. is it legal and ethical to refuse to treat hiv+
    it is legal but it is not ethical
  23. when is cytology the answer for nipple discharge?
  24. mnx of b/l white nipple discharge
    tsh and prolactin levels
  25. rx for fibrocystic breast disease
    • ocp
    • danazol may help
  26. steps in working up a
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