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  1. What is stress?
    • The term stress refers to two different things: 
    • situations that trigger physical and emotional reactions
    • the reactions themselves.
  2. Stressor
    situation that triggers physical and emotional reactions
  3. stress response
  4. new definition of stress
    used to describe the general physical and emotional state that accompanies the stress response.
  5. What two systems are responsible for your physical response to stressors?
    nervous system and endocrine system
  6. What does the autonomic nervous system control?

    what are the two divisions?
    basic body processes such as heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, and other involuntary functions.

    parasympathetic and sympathetic divisions
  7. Define parasympathetic and sympathetic divisions?
    parasympathetic divisions is in control when your relaxed aiding in digesting food, storing energy, and promoting growth.

    sympathetic division is activated during times of arousal, including exercise, and when there is an emergency, severe pain, anger, or fear.
  8. What neurotransmitter does the sympathetic nervous system use?

    whats the definition

    Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter that is released by the sympathetic nervous system onto specific tissues to increase their function in the face of increased activity, when released by the brain, causes arousal (increased attention, awareness, and alertness), also known as noradrenaline.
  9. What system does the sympathetic nervous system trigger during stress?

    What's the definition
    the endocrine system.

    The Endocrine System is the system of glands, tissues, and cells that secretes hormones into the bloodstream to influence metabolism and other body processes.
  10. what are hormones?
    Hormone is a chemical messenger that is produced in the body and transported in the bloodstream to targeted cells or organs for specific regulation of their activities.
  11. What do the endocrine and the nervous systems  help produce?

    definition of epinephrine and corisol
    cortisol and epinephrine

    Cortisol is a steroid hormone helped secreted by the cortex of the adrenal gland.

    Epinephrine is a hormone that is helped secreted by the medulla (inner core) of the adrenal gland that affects the functioning of organs involved in responding to a stressor.
  12. What is the fight-or-flight reaction?

    What hormones help you not feel pain during the fight-or-flight reaction?
    The Fight-or-Flight reaction is a defense reaction that prepares a person for conflict or scape by triggering hormonal, cardiovascular, metabolic, and other changes.

  13. What is the nervous system that helps manage our conscious actions?

    The Somatic Nervous System.

    The Somatic Nervous System is the branch of the peripheral nervous system that helps govern the motor functions and sensory information, largely under conscious control.
  14. What is personality?
    Personality is the sum of behavioral, cognitive, and emotional tendencies.
  15. What is the General Adaptation Syndrome?
    General Adaptation Syndrome is a pattern of stress responses consisting of three stages:alarm, resistance, and exhaustion.
  16. What are eustress and distress?
    Eustress is the stress triggered by an pleasant stressors.

    Distress is the stress triggered by an unpleasant stressor.
  17. what are the college stressors?
    academic, interpersonal, time pressures, financial concerns, and worries about the future stressors.
  18. How to manage stress?
    Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep, Social Support, Communication, Conflict, Striving for Spiritual Wellness, Confiding in Yourself Through Writing, Time Management, Cognitive Techniques, Relaxation Techniques, Peer Counseling and Support Groups, Professional Help,
  19. What are the three Relaxation Techniques?
    Progressive Relaxation, Visualization, Listening to Music, and Deep Breathing.
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