GRE word list2

  1. affront
    to confront defiantly; offend
  2. agenda
    program of things to be done
  3. agglomerate
    to gather into a cluster, mass, or ball
  4. aggrandize
    • to make greater or more powerful
    • to praise highly
  5. aggravate
    to make worse; intensify
  6. aggregate
    • to gather into a whole
    • to total; sum
  7. aggression
    • the practice of attacks
    • hostile feelings or behavior
  8. aggressive
    • militant; assertive
    • full of enterprise and initiative
  9. aggressor
    one that commits or practises aggression
  10. aggrieve
    to give or trouble to
  11. agile
    able to move quickly and easily
  12. agility
    the quality or state of being agile
  13. agitate
    • to argue publicly or campaign for/against sth.
    • to cause anxiety
  14. agitated
    • excited
    • perturbed
  15. agnostic
  16. agog
    in a state of eager anticipation or excitement
  17. agony
    very great mental or physical pain
  18. agrarian
    of land
  19. agreeable
    • pleasing
    • ready to agree
  20. agronomy
    science of controlling the soil to produce crops
  21. ail
    to have physical or emotional pain, discomfort, or trouble, esp. to suffer ill health
  22. airborne
    transported or carried by the air
  23. airtight
    too tight for air or gas to enter to escape
  24. alabaster
    translucent, smooth and white
  25. alacrity
    • cheerful readiness
    • promptness in response
  26. albeit
  27. alchemy
    medieval form of chemistry concerned with finding a way to turn ordinary metals into gold
  28. alcove
    a recessed section of a room
  29. alias
    an assumed name; pseudonym
  30. alibi
    • formal statement that a person was in another place at the time of a crime
    • excuse of any kind
  31. alienate
    to estrange; cause to become unfriendly or indifferent
  32. align
    • to get or fall into line
    • to join as an ally
  33. alimentary
    of or relating to or nutrition
  34. alkali
  35. allay
    to relieve; reduce the intensity
  36. allege
    to state without proof
  37. allegiance
    loyalty or devotion to a cause or a person
  38. allegory
  39. allergic
    • of allergy
    • averse or disinclined
  40. allergy
    • a hypersensitivity to a specific substance
    • a trong aversion
  41. alleviate
    to lighten or relieve
  42. allocate
    to assign sth. for a special purpose; disribute
  43. allowance
    • amount of money allowed or given regularly
    • permission
  44. allude
    to refer in an indirect way
  45. alluring
    attractive; charming
  46. allusion
    an implied or indirect reference esp. in literature
  47. aloft
    in the air
  48. aloof
    cool and distant in manner
  49. alphabetical
    in the order of the alphabet
  50. alter
    to change
  51. alternate
    • occurring or succeeding by turns
    • to perform by turns or in succession
    • one that substitutes for or alternates with another
  52. altruism
    unselfish regard for the welfare of others; selflessness
  53. altruistic
    unselfish regard for or devoted to the welfare of others
  54. aluminium
  55. amalgam
    a combination or mixture
  56. amalgamate
    • to unite; combine
    • to mix
  57. amass
    to collect together; accumulate
  58. amateur
    one who engages in sth. as a pastime rather than as a progession
  59. amateurish
    inexpert; unskillful
  60. ambidextrous
    very skillful or versatile
  61. ambiguous
    not clear; uncertain; vague
  62. ambivalence
    simultanious and contradictory attitudes or feelings toward an object, person, or action
  63. ambivalent
    having simultanious and contradictory attitudes or feelings about
  64. amble
    to saunter
  65. ambush
    • the act of lying in waiting to attack by surprise
    • a sudden attack made from a concialed position
  66. ameliorate
    to improve
  67. amenable
    willing; submissive
  68. amend
    • to put right
    • to change or modify for the better
  69. amendment
    • a correction of errors or faults
    • a revision made in a bill, law, constitution, etc.
  70. amenity
    sth. that conduces to comfort, convenience, or enjoyment
  71. amiable
    good natured; affable; genial
  72. amicable
    friendly in feeling; showing good will
  73. amity
    friendly relationship between people or countries
  74. amnesia
    loss of memory due usu. to brain injury, ilness, etc.
  75. amnesty
    the act of an authority by which pardon is granted to a large group of individuals
  76. amorphous
    without definite form; shapeless
  77. amortize
    to put money for gradual payment of a debt
  78. amphibian
    • any of a class of animals that live in water and on land
    • an amphilious vehicle
  79. ample
    • abundant
    • enough; adequate
  80. amplify
    • to make larger; extend
    • to develop with details
  81. amplitude
    the extent or range of a quality
  82. amulet
    piece of jewelry worn as a charm against evil
  83. anachronistic
    being chronologically out of place
  84. anaerobic
    of, relating to, or being activity in which the body incurs an oxygen debt
  85. anagram
    word made by rearranging the letters of another work
  86. analgesia
    insensibility to pain without loss of consciousness
  87. analgesic
    • a drug that takes pain away
    • relieving pain
  88. analogous
    showing an analogy or a likeness that permits one to draw an analogy
  89. analogy
    • partial resemblance
    • the likening of one thing to another
  90. analyze
    to study or determine the nature and relationship of the parts of by analysis
  91. anarchist
    person who believes in, advocates, or promotes anarchism or anarchy
  92. anarchy
    • absence of government
    • political disorder
  93. anathema
    • one that is cursed
    • a formal ecclesiastical ban; curse
  94. anatomical
    of or relating to anatomy
  95. ancestor
    one from whom a person is descended
  96. ancestry
    person comprising a line of descent
  97. anchor
    • to secure firmly
    • to become fixed
  98. ancillary
    • subordinate; auxiliary
    • aid
  99. anecdote
    • a short and entertaining account
    • entertaining facts of history
  100. anemia
    a lack of red blood cells
  101. anesthetic
    • a chemical that produces anesthesia
    • relating to or resembling anesthesia, insensitive
  102. anguish
    great suffering; distress
  103. angular
    • having angles
    • thin and bony
  104. anhydrous
    free from water
  105. animate
    • alive; having life
    • to give life to
  106. animated
    full of vigor and spirit
  107. animationg
    • liveliness
    • technique of making animated cartoons
  108. animosity
    a feeling of strong dislike or hatred
  109. animus
  110. annals
    a record of events arranged in yearly sequence
  111. annexation
    act of combining
  112. annihilate
    to destroy completely; demolish
  113. annotate
    to provide critical or explanatory notes
  114. announce
    • to proclaim
    • to give notice of the arrival
  115. annoy
    • to cause slight anger
    • to cause trouble to sb.
  116. annul
    • to invalidate
    • to cancel; abolish
  117. anomalous
    • inconsistent with or deviating from what is usual, normal, or expected
    • irregular
  118. anomaly
    • deviation from common rule
    • sth. anomalous
  119. anonymity
    the quality or state of being anonymous
  120. anonymous
    written by a person whose name is unknown
  121. anorexia
    an eating disorder or aversion to food
  122. antagonism
    opposition of a conflicting force, tendency or principle
  123. antagonize
    to arouse hostility; show opposition
  124. Antarctic
    of the regions around the South Pole
  125. antecedence
    priority; precedence
  126. antecedent
    • a preceding event, condition, or cause
    • a person's ancestors
    • preceding in time and order
  127. antediluvian
    • of the time before the Biblical Flood
    • old fashioned, or primitive
  128. antenna
    • a sensitie feeler
    • a device that collects or receives electromagnetic signals
  129. anterior
    previous; earlier
  130. anthem
    • a religious choral song
    • a song of praise, as to a nation
  131. anthology
    a collection of poems, stories or songs
  132. anthropologist
    experts who deal with the origin, nature and destiny of human beings
  133. antibiotic
    substance that can destroy or prevent the growth of bacteria
  134. antic
    fantastic and queer
  135. anticipatory
    characterized by anticipation
  136. anticlimax
    • disappointing en to a series of events
    • the usually sudden transition in discourse
  137. antidote
    a remedy to counteract a poison
  138. antihistamine
    any of various compounds that counteract histamine in the body and that are used for treating allergic reactions and cold symptoms
  139. antipathy
    strong dislike
  140. antiquated
    obsolete; old-fashioned
  141. antique
    • existing since or belonging to ealier times
    • a relic or object of ancient times
  142. antiquity
    • the qulity of being ancient
    • the people of ancient times
    • objects, buildings or work of art from the ancient past
  143. antiseptic
    • any substance that inhibit the action of microorganisms
    • preventing infection or decay
  144. antithesis
    a contrast or opposition
  145. anvil
    a steel block
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