Success and failure

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  1. succeed in achieving something difficult; accomplish some campain or financial operation
    bring off
  2. become popular (with)
    catch on (with)
  3. suddenly become successful or popular
    take off
  4. replace someone in a position of success
    take over
  5. happen successfully or as planned
    pull off
  6. the sudden failure of a person or organisation (n)
  7. succeed in achieving something difficult
    come off (despite)
  8. fail to happen
    fall through
  9. use some successful experience to achieve more success
    build on
  10. get something very easily
    walk into
  11. try to succeed in doing something struggling with the differences that stem from the fact you don't really know what to do
    muddle through
  12. reach the same standard as someone else // meet someone you know, after not seeing them for a period of time
    catch up
  13. result in benefit (usually about some hard work or difficulties)
    pay off
  14. make progress at the same speed as someone
    keep up
  15. continue to be more advanced an successful than other people / go ahead of your schedule
    stay ahead
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