California mammals - Habitats 3

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  1. Microtus longicaudus
    woodlands, Sierra Nevada and Cascades
  2. Microtus californicus
    • California vole
    • lowlands and foothills in much of California
  3. Lemmiscus curtatus
    • Sagebrush vole
    • sagebrush and bunchgrass habitat throughout Great Basin
  4. Myodes californicus
    • California red-backed vole
    • coniferous forests north of SF along coast
  5. Phenacomys intermedius
    • Heather vole
    • high central Sierra Nevada
  6. Arborimus pomo
    • Sonoma red tree vole
    • fir trees, northwestern California and Western Oregon
  7. Zapus trinotatus
    • Pacific jumping mouse
    • coastal forests from Marin County north to British Columbia
  8. Zapus princeps
    • Western jumping mouse
    • montane forests from Lamath range throughout northern California to southern Sierra Nevada
  9. Perognathus parvus
    • Great Basin pocket mouse
    • arid regions in the Great Basin
  10. Perognathus longimembris
    • Little pocket mouse
    • fine, sandy soils in southern third of state
  11. Chaetodipus spinatus
    • Spiny pocket mouse
    • often found on rocky slopes of southern California and into Baja California
  12. Chaetodipus formosus
    • Long-tailed pocket mouse
    • gravelly or rocky ground in deserts of southern CA
  13. Microdipodops megacephalus
    • Dark kangaroo mouse
    • western Great Basin, barely within CA
  14. Dipodomys merriami
    • Merriam's kangaroo rat
    • light, sandy soils throughout the southern 1/3 of state except coast ranges
  15. Dipodomys deserti
    • Desert kangaroo rat
    • loose and dry sand in SE CA
  16. Dipodomys californicus
    • California kangaroo rat
    • brushy and chaparral areas in northern CA
  17. Thomomys talpoides
    • Northern pocket mouse
    • extreme NE corner of the state, east of the Sierra and Cascade ranges
  18. Thomomys bottae
    • Botta's pocket gopher
    • statewide, not in higher elevations of Sierra and Cascade ranges
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