agency controls.txt

  1. AD-09
    investments reconciliation
  2. ad-12
    non controlling interest rollforward
  3. dit-01
    new apps and major changes
  4. DIT-02
    integration testing
  5. DIT-03
    user acceptance training
  6. DIT-04
    change requests
  7. DIT-05
    pre-production check
  8. dit-06
    data reconciliation plan
  9. dit-07
    backout plan
  10. dit-09
    developer access
  11. dit-10
    application user recertification
  12. dit-10-a
    finance re-certification of users
  13. dit-11
    create or update app user access
  14. dit-11-a
    finance communication of users
  15. dit-12
    remove app user
  16. dit-12-a
    finance communication of leavers
  17. exp-01
    vendor master changes
  18. exp-02
    vendor master file edit report
  19. exp-03
    vendor disbursements journal
  20. exp-04
    non-media invoice processing
  21. exp-05
    media authorization
  22. exp-06
    media invoice processing
  23. exp-07
    accrued expense reconciliation
  24. exp-08
    litigation reserves analysis
  25. exp-09
    A/P Reconciliation
  26. exp-10
    debit balances in Accounts Payable
  27. exp-11
    prepaid expense analysis
  28. exp-12
    vendor information
  29. exp-13
    vendor validation
  30. exp-14
    vendor purge
  31. exp-15
    other accounts payable
  32. fin-01
    financial reporting package
  33. fin-02
    reconciliation of G/L to Hyperion
  34. fin-04
    mapping of G/L to hyperion
  35. fin-05
    consolidating schedule
  36. fin-08
    income statement analysis
  37. fin-09
    balance sheet analysis
  38. fin-11
    other miscallaneous assets
  39. fin-14
    statutory to hyperion reconciliation
  40. fin-33
    restructuring charges - Agency
  41. fin-56
    Segregation of Duties
  42. Fin-61
    other miscellaneous liabilities
  43. fix-05
    real estate leases and entries
  44. fix-06
    software development costs
  45. fix-07
    fixed asset reconciliation
  46. fix-08
    intangible assets reconciliation
  47. fix-09
    schedule of intangible assets
  48. fix-10
    schedule of fixed assets
  49. mit-05
    create or update network user access
  50. mit-06
    remove network user
  51. mit-07
    network user re-certification
  52. mit-08
    network admin review
  53. mit-09
    network passwords
  54. otx-01
    sales and use and/or property rollforward account analysis
  55. otx-02
    value added tax roll forward account analysis
  56. otx-03
    tax rates / tax tables
  57. pay-01
    benefit plan authorization
  58. pay-02
    deferred compensation plans - authorization
  59. pay-04
    payroll master file edit report
  60. pay-05
    changes to employee payroll data
  61. pay-06
    payroll analysis
  62. pay-07
    contractual employees
  63. pay-08
    bonus reconciliations
  64. pay-09
    severance account reconciliations
  65. pay-10
    PTO reconciliation
  66. pay-11
    tax withholding rates
  67. pay-12
    payroll reconciliation
  68. pay-13
    payroll disbursements review
  69. pay-14
    personal service corporation (PSC) arrangements
  70. pay-15
    pension valuations
  71. pay-16
    participant data
  72. pay-23
    deferred compensation schedules
  73. rev-01
    persuasive evidence
  74. rev-02
    revenue recognition method
  75. rev-03
    proportional performance (PP) revenue
  76. rev-04
    WIP Reconciliation
  77. rev-05
    WIP credit position
  78. REV-06
    revenue calculation
  79. rev-07
    revenue reconciliation
  80. rev-08
    AVB Liability reconciliaion

    This is the one i asked Caleb about - CBS gives us a discount - we extend it to our clients
  81. rev-09
    Non - FSR credit liabilities
  82. rev-10
    A/R WIP and A/P deferred offset analysis
  83. rev-11
    aging of WIP
  84. rev-12
    WIP reserve
  85. rev-13
    A/R Reconciliation
  86. rev-14
    unapplied cash
  87. rev-15
    A/R aging
  88. rev-16
    A/R Reserve
  89. rev-17
    analysis of FSR liabilities
  90. rev-18
    reversals of FSR liabilities
  91. rev-35
    other receivables
  92. rev-36
    prepayments - media
  93. rev-37
    non-media amounts invoiced to clients
  94. rev-37-a
    media amounts invoiced to clients
  95. rev-38
    credit memos
  96. tax-01
    non-US projected effective tax rate calculation
  97. tax-02
    quarterly non-US tax provision calculation and effective tax rate
  98. tax-02-a
    annual non-US tax provision calculation and effective tax rate
  99. tax-03
    non-US quarterly Balance Sheet tax rollforward analysis and reconciliation
  100. tax-03-a
    non-US annual Balance Sheet tax rollforward analysis and reconciliation
  101. tax-04
    non-US income tax return reconciliation
  102. tax-05
    legal entity tax package reconciliation
  103. tax-06
    non US quarterly and annual uncertain tax position analysis and reconciliation to tax-02 and tax-03-a
  104. tax-07
    authorization of non-US tax return filings
  105. tre-01
    opening of bank accounts
  106. tre-02
    external financing arrangements
  107. tre-03
    cash disbursements
  108. tre-08
    investment reconciliations
  109. tre-09
    authorized signatures
  110. tre-10
    bank reconciliations
  111. tre-14
    debt reconciliations
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