Carpentry 2: Roof Framing Systems

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  1. What is the name of the framing members used to construct flat roofs?
    Roof joists
  2. What members are required to frame a projection on a flat roof?
    Lookout joists
  3. How is the span measured for rafters on a shed or lean to roof?
    Horizontally from the inner face of the tall wall to the outer face of the short wall
  4. What is the roof style of a typical barn?
  5. What are the main rafters used for gable roof framing called?
    Rafters or roof trusses
  6. Hip rafters run at what angle to the wall plates and ridge?
    45 degrees
  7. What is created on the roof surface where two roofs intersect at 90 degrees?
  8. How many sloping roof surfaces does a gambrel roof usually have?
    Usually 4, 2 per side
  9. How many hip rafters are required to frame a mansard roof?
  10. What is the distinguishing feature of a dutch hip roof?
    Small gables are framed on each end of the hip roof
  11. What is a dormer?
    Small intersections built into the roof to provide an attractive feature or more liveable space
  12. A roof slope is always expressed as a ration of ____ to _____
    rise; run
  13. Name the 3 sides of a roof slope triangle
    • 1. Unit Rise
    • 2. Unit Run
    • 3. Unit Line Length
  14. What is a birdsmouth on a rafter?
    • A notch cut into a rafter so it will sit properly on a wall.
    • It has a seat or level cut and a plumb cut.
  15. How could the run of a rafter be defined?
    The horizontal distance from the centre of the ridge to the plumb cut at the birdmouth
  16. Define the term 'measuring line' as used with rafters.
    • Imaginary line that runs parallel to the edge of the rafter. 
    • It intersects the corner of the birdsmouth and extends to the working point at the ridge
  17. Name the 3 locations where plumb cuts may be found on a rafter
    • 1. Ridge end
    • 2. Birdsmouth
    • 3. Fascia end (tail)
  18. How is the projection of a rafter measured?
    Measured horizontally from the face of the wall to the outer edge of the fascia
  19. What is the distinguishing feature of an open cornice?
    Has rafter tails that extend past the wall, but no soffit is used to close off the underside of the rafter tails.
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