Exam 3

  1. Who proposed continental drift? Be able to describe in detain at least two of the bits of evidence he used to support the continental drift hypothesis.
    • Continental Drift
    • ~Proposed by Alfred Wegener
    • *The Origins of Oceans and Continents published in 1915
    • *Wegener hypothesized a former supercontinent Pangaea
    • +Fit of continents
    • + Location of glaciations
    • +Fossil evidence
    • +Rock type and structural similarities
    • +Paleoclimatic evidence
    • +Glacial Evidence
    • =Permian glacial till is found on 4 continents
    • =The tills in Africa and India are now near equator
    • ~Fossil Evidence
    • *Identical fossils found on widely separated land.
    • *Mesosaurus – A freshwater reptile.
    • *Glossopteris – Subpolar plant with heavy seeds.
    • *Think with a large sea were there is no land connection
    • ~Matching Geology
    • Geologic phenomenon match across the Atlantic
    • *Mountain belts
    • +Appalachian
    • +Caledonides
  2. What are the names and charateristics of the two types of the Lithosphere?
    • Types of Lithosphere
    • ~Continental ~ 150 km
    • ~Granitic crust.
    • *35-40 km thick
    • *Lighter (less dense)
    • ~Oceanic ~ 7 to 100 km
    • *Basaltic crust
    • *7-10 km thick
    • *Heavier (more dense)
  3. What are the Names and charateristics of the three types of plate boundries
    • Convergent- plates move towards each other and collide to make mountains (continental vs Continental, Continental vs oceanic, oceanic vs oceanic)
    • Divergent- Plates move away from each other
    • Transformation- Slide past each other
  4. What controls the interactions at the plate boundries?
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