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    • TRACON has control of what (arrivals)?
    • TRACON has control if all Denver term arrivals:
    • Within 15 miles of the boundary
    • At and below FL250
  1. If "descend via" will conflict with group B or C ac at same fix, center will
    Suspend use of "descend via" four affected ac and A ac will be assigned lowest available altitude in STAR window at arrival fix
  2. Center has control of departures for what three things?
    • 1. Turns up to 30ยบ within departure gate
    • 2. Control for speed increase on ac within 15 miles of boundary
    • 3. Control for climb on all ac to filed altitude. We are responsible for separation of B & C ac from all others that we have accepted a handoff on.
  3. TRACON using converging runway operations?
    Denver group A ac must be assigned long side RNAV STAR to cross arrival fix at 170 and 250 KTS. (No descend via)
  4. Departures will be cleared to what altitude?
    FL230 or filed altitude if lower
  5. Group B and C ac departures out of the west gate that are in conflict with group A ac must be assigned what altitude by TRACON?
    Interim altitude of FL190 or lower if filed
  6. If an overflight is filed through other than an arrival gate it must be. ....?
    Coordinated with TRACON at least 30 miles from the boundary (same for visa-versa)
  7. What altitude and routing do group A and B KCOS arrivals from the northwest need?
    • 1. FL230 or filled if lower
    • 2. Routed: TOMSN..FQF..BRK..COS
  8. What is different about ac entering via the SW arrival gate?
    • Ac south of FQF220R
    • They are released at handoff for descent to 160
  9. TRACON will clear departures on?
  10. TRACON will separate ac with a minimum of?
    3 miles constantly increasing if ac are on diverging SID's/transitions (if not possible it will be 5 miles)
  11. Ac groups
    • A: Jet aircraft
    • B: Aircraft other than jets with filed TAS more than 210 KTS
    • C: Aircraft with filed TAS 210 KTS or less
  12. What is the speed restriction for all ac using legacy procedures?
    250 KTS or less. Except BKF bound fighters
  13. If TRACON issues control instructions prior to the boundary. ...
    They have separation responsibilities between all term landers
  14. When do group A ac need to be established on and descending via STARS?
    At or before one fix prior to the gate fix
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