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  1. Who was Rome's greatest rival?
  2. Carthat's was a power city in North ______ which grew wealthy from ________?
    • 1- Africa
    • 2-Trade
  3. Rome became concerned when Carthage took control of the island _____. Rome felt threatened and vowed to get Carthage out of ______
  4. People moved to Romw because
    • The hulls made it easy to defenD
    • The soil was fertile 
    • the area had a good source of water
  5. Rome was a good location:
    • Center of a long narrow peninsula also know as Italy
    •  Center of Mediterranean Sea, which was at the center of the know Western world
  6. The first Punic wars began in
    264 B.C
  7. About ____ a group of people the _____ took power in Rome.
    • 1- 600 B.C 
    • 2- Etruscans
  8. Etruscans:
    • - spoke their own language 
    • - Kinds driven out by power
  9. Carthaginian navy was too large and powerful. The Romans needs a way to build ships to ribval those of Carthage : Lucky for ......
    the Romans got lucky. A Carthaginian warship got caught in sYork and washed up on the shore near Rome. Romans studied the ship carefully and made a model of their own fleet ships.
  10. After the Romand won there fleet of ships got destroyed in a storm (2 times) they final won a victory in 241 B.C and made carat have do what?
    Sign a peace agreement that not only gave them Sicily, but also required Carthage to pay a large tribute of gold to Rome every year for 10 years
  11. Many of the roman god were :
    Originally Etruscan
  12. The power of the consuls was
  13. Veto
    The rejection of any planned action "I forbid it"
  14. A ruler who had total control over government is called a
  15. a member of a wealthy, upper family in the roman republic
  16. Citizens who have the right to vote select their leaders
  17. Plebeians
    Ordinary citizens
  18. The senate advised the consul on:
    • - foreign affairs 
    • - laws
    • -fianances
  19. Power of the consul was
    • Limited
    • and could only rule for 1 yr
  20. Imperialism -
    The pratice of gaming control over foreign land and people
  21. By 12 B.C Rome was in trouble. Consuls no longer respected each others _____ power 
    Rome fell into civil disorder, with Romans fighting ____
    • 1-Veto 
    • 2- armies
  22. As Rome conquered most of Italy, it grew wealthy and troubles arose between the _______ and the _____
    • 1-Patricians
    • 2- plebeians
  23. Caesar was eager for
  24. led army in conquering ____
  25. Strong _____ led  him loyalty of his troops
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