1. recant
    to retract, esp. a previously held belief

    —Synonyms 1. revoke, recall, rescind, deny.

    Jessica claimed she was a vegetarian, but at a barbeque she recanted and ate a burger.
  2. refute
    to disprove; to successfully argue against

    —Synonyms 1. disprove, rebut. 1, 2. confute.

    In a trial, the defense attorney's job is to refute the evidence against his client.
  3. relegate
    to forcibly assign, esp. to a lower place or position

    —Synonyms 2. delegate, entrust.

    Mallory was relegated to the JI team, although she had been cheering her entire life.
  4. solicitous
    concerned and anxious; eager

    —Synonyms 1. mindful, regardful, attentive.

    solicitous about a person's health.
  5. sordid
    characterized by filth, grime or squalor; foul

    —Synonyms 1. degraded, depraved.

    He lived in a sordid little house, covered with leftover food and beer bottles.
  6. squander
    to waste by spending or using irresponsibly

    —Synonyms 1. waste, dissipate, lavish

    Jimmy has a small trust fund and squanders it on vacations and expensive clothes
  7. stymie
    to block; thwart

    We made great time all morning, then were stymied by an accident on the Bay Bridge
  8. tortuous
    winding, twisiting; excessively complicated

    —Synonyms 1. bent, sinuous, serpentine. 2. evasive, roundabout, indirect.

    The scary thing about driving in mountains are the narrow, tortuous roads.
  9. truculent
    fierce and cruel; eager to fight

    After a few drinks, Kevin becomes truculent and angry.
  10. virulent
    extremely harmful or poisonous; bitterly hostile or antagonistic

    —Synonyms 1. venomous. 5. vicious, acerbic

    he came down with a virulent type of disease
  11. voracious
    having an insatiable appetite for an activity or pursuit; ravenous

    —Synonyms 1. See ravenous. 2. rapacious, insatiable.

    Even as a young girl, she was a voracious eater, which is why she is fat.
  12. waver
    to move to and fro; to sway; to be unsettled in opinion
  13. accolade
    an expression of praise

    Ashley recieved a lot of accolades after climbing the appalacians.
  14. adulation
    excessive praise; intense adoration

    Though the girl was pretty, I did not think she deserved the intense adulation she recieved.
  15. aesthetic
    dealing with, appreciative of, or responsive to art or the beautiful
  16. ameliorate
    to make better or more tolerable

    —Synonyms amend, better

    Amelia ameliorated the tense situation when she proposed to drink a lot of beers.
  17. ascetic
    one who practices rigid self-denial esp. as an act of religious devotion

    —Synonyms 3. anchorite, recluse; cenobite

    The priest lives an ascetic life now without acid which he used to do everyday.
  18. avarice
    greed, esp. for wealth

    • —Synonyms
    • cupidity

    The avatar had no avarice because she was not real and had no idea what wealth was.
  19. burgeon
    to grow rapidly or flourish

    —Synonyms 1. bloom, blossom, mushroom, expand.

    After fertilizing the seeds, the small weed burgeon into roses.
  20. bucolic
    rustic and pastoral; characteristic of rural areas and their inhabitants

    —Synonyms 2, 3. georgic.

    Buckley could never leave the farm because of his bucolic nature.
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