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  1. behavior is _____
  2. behavior is c______
  3. behavior is a fxn of its _____
  4. aba aims to change _____ behavior
  5. increase ____, decrease ____
    deficits, excess
  6. consequence is not the result of a behavior specifically, it is ____ that happens after a behavior
  7. 3 categories (CSR)
    Communication, Socialization, Restricted Interests
  8. challenging behaviors are less likely to happen is the child ____ what is going to happen next, knows his ____ expectation, knows what he will ____, has some _____ over the situation, and receives _____ feedback
    knows; behavioral; earn; control; specific
  9. Antecedent Control Strategy

    reduces problem behavior as it provides child with structure, schedule, and or expectations. ex visual schedule
    visual supports
  10. Antecedent control strategy

    reduces problem behavior as a result of providing clear expectations. explaining in simple language or pictures what is to come
  11. Antecedent control strategy 

    tells the child what to do instead of what not to do. focus is on positive expectation. giving the behavior you would like the child to do instead of the challenging behavior
    start directions
  12. Antecedent control strategy

    reduces problem behavior as a result of the child feeling some control over decisions
  13. Antecedent control strategy

    reduces problem behavior as a result of clear expectation
    clear prompts
  14. Antecedent control strategy

    reduces problem behavior as a result of preparation for upcoming change. first ---> then
  15. Antecedent control strategy

    embed your prompts within play!
    making it fun
  16. Antecedent control strategy

    your ____ should support child's affect throughout the transition. your ____ is usually at least slightly higher than the _____ of the child
  17. prt is different from regular aba because it
    focuses on the childs natural environment, it allows for the stimulus to be chosen by the child
  18. parents should observe ___ to ___ of the time, and participate ___ to ___ of the time
    50-75; 25-50
  19. a behavior that when targeted for change, can have an effect on other behaviors that have not been specifically targeted
    pivotal behavior
  20. helps to avoid overgeneralization, many times the child will learn and use too few and or irrelevant cues
    responsivity to multiple cues
  21. never say, "___ this"
  22. behavior is a form of _____
  23. behavior used to control environment
    behavior regulation
  24. behavior use to call attention to oneself
    social interaction
  25. behavior used to share interest and enjoyment with others
    joint attention
  26. three functions of language
    behavior regulation, social interaction, joint attention
  27. language that begs a question
  28. a label
  29. a request
  30. when learning words. must use ____ words that the child is capable of using. it must be consistent with their available _____
    specific; phonemes
  31. engage and entice, freebies, model prompt, removed model prompt, open ended prompt, time delay, independent
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