Math Equations

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  1. When finding the y-intercept what do you do?
    You plug in 0 for X in the equation
  2. What is the acronym for remembering trigonometry?
    • Sin: Oscar
    •       Had 
    • Cos: A
    •      Hold
    • Tan: On
    •      Arthur
  3. When going to Vertex Form from Standard Form you do...
  4. When going to Standard Form from Vertex Form you do...
  5. What is the vertex formula?
    y= a(x+h)2 + k
  6. What is the standard formula?
    y= x+bx+c
  7. What are the steps from going standard form to vertex form?
    • 1.) Split the equation into two parts: first two terms and last term
    • 2.) Binomial shortcut: divide the b term in half and square it
    • 3.) Undo the new c-value we just created with the original c-value
    • 4.) Use the binomial short cut to write the equation in vertex form
  8. What is the Binomial Shortcut?
    example: (x+6)2 = x2 +12x+36
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