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  1. Top nutritionists say,
    It’s the most powerful way
  2. it will absolutely change your life.”
    The difference?
  3. we juice it all.
    What that means to you is.
  4. ….saving you time and money.
    It’s too often
  5. but where is the nutrition in that?
    With the Vitamix, I know
  6. ...and so will you.
    And this is just ONE
  7. of the MANY ways you are going to be using your Vitamix.
    My favorite feature
  8. you already know how to use it…..
    Watch this…
  9. That’s why you will use your Vitamix every day!
    Look at these big chunks of food...
  10.’ll burn it up.
    This Tamper Stick
  11. ...ground up spatulas.
    With the Vitamix 6300
  12. you perfect results every time.
    You can see
  13. You are going to love it!
    All these peelings
  14. run it for 20 seconds.
    Now we have liquid compost
  15. You waste NOTHING.
    What that means to you...
  16. or buy plant fertilizer again.
    This is the Perfect container
  17. in seconds we have a liquid compost.
    You’ll love this clean up
  18. Soap, Water, and Pulse, .....Done.
    Now these containers
  19. 7 year warranty..
    Look at this silky
  20. absorbs all the nutrition.
    If you want the smoothest
  21. in your home today.
    And if you thought
  22. ice cream in less than 1 minute
    Now don’t blink,
  23. soapy water, pulse.....done.
    The Vitamix 6300 normally
  24. and our recipe book.
    Who's ever used
  25. you can make it as healthy as you want.
    Look at this. With just a few
  26. Simply set it to frozen dessert and press start. It’s that simple.
    With the Vitamix 6300 there’s no guess work on
  27. or how long to let it run for.
    I only look
  28. The Vitamix does the rest for you.
  29.’ll know exactly what’s in it.
    That’s why the hardest
  30. which color to get
    WOW. You’ll love that.
  31. optimal success every time.
    Look at this . . . you’ll never find
  32. coffee chains, smoothie shops and bars use the Vitamix.
    The blades
  33. Isn’t that amazing?
    You’ll use your Vitamix multiple
  34. you cannot put a price tag on.
    Now you’re really going to love what I make next.
  35. you are going to use it every day.
    You do get the option on color,
  36. cream, black, red, or platinum.
    Who makes soup at home?
  37. ...Even faster than can soup in a microwave!
    Watch….With these simple ingredients
  38. you get a perfect texture every time.
    You don't have to do this
  39. only a fraction of the counter space.
    You see this unpeeled garlic?
  40. 300 soups and only costs $29.
    The recipe I am making is
  41. 28 other soup recipes all done in minutes.
    Vitamix has no heating elements,
  42. you can boil water in less than 10 min.
    So at home, just add 3 cups
  43. automatically shuts off and dinner is done.
    For demonstration
  44. This is a short cut you can do at home as well.
    Outside of Costco
  45. 7 year warranty.
    Wow, see that steam?
  46. in just minutes…
    Now here is where we can
  47. the crunch from the tortilla chips.
    At home, you can take left over ingredients
  48. The more times you press it the finer it gets.
    You have complete
  49. the top restaurants in the world use Vitamix.
    Now in just minutes dinner is done.
  50. is now a reality.
    You see how simple
  51. And I use it because it’s simple and so will you.
    (Cleanup) + (Vitamix challenge)

    You know what you need to do?
  52. what we call the Vitamix Challenge.
    Take this Vitamix
  53. as part of the package for free.
    As soon as you get
  54. put it on your counter.
    Every morning for one week
  55. pick one from the Recipe Book.
    At the end of that week,
  56. begging to eat more fruits and vegetables.
    I guarantee you that you
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