1. What are some English examples of a relative pronoun?
    Who, whom, that, which, whose.
  2. It is important to note that relative pronouns do not introduce questions (that would be an interrogative). What is it that they do?
    • - They always refer to a noun or a noun phrase.
    • - They introduce a clause that usually modifies a noun. Ex “the teacher whom the students loved” modifies the noun “teacher”.
  3. What is a relative clause?
    It is the relative pronoun and the clause it introduces.
  4. What can help to distinguish the relative pronoun from the article in certain cases?
    The relative pronoun will always have the rough breathing and an accent
  5. How are the number and gender of a relative pronoun determined?
    By its antecedent. Sometimes the antecedent will be in a previous verse or even further away. Context is the guide to determine what the relative pronoun is referring to.
  6. How is the case of the relative pronoun determined?
    By its function in the relative clause.
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