Chemistry Gas Laws

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  1. all colisions between molecules are perfectly ___
  2. The molecules of gas display no ___ or ____ for each other
    attraction or repulsion
  3. The average kinetic energy is directly proportional to what?
    kelvin temp
  4. What are ideal gases?
    • gas whose behavior conforms to the kinetic theory¬†
    • it is theoretical
  5. real gas=ideal gas expect in?
    • extremly low temp
    • extremely high pressure
  6. What is the formula for pressure?
    pressure=Image Upload 1
  7. What is atmospheric pressure?
    the pressure the earth's atmosphere exerts due to it's weight
  8. What is a barometer?
    instrument used to measure atomospheric pressure
  9. What is absoulute zero?
    • 0 K
    • all paricle motion has stopped
  10. What is STP in kelvin?
  11. What is STP in celsius?
  12. What is STP in kPa?
  13. What is STP in mm Hg?
  14. What is STP in atm?
  15. What is STP in torr?
  16. What is a manometer?
    u shaped tube partially filled with mercury used to measure gas pressure
  17. What is Boyle's Law?
    the volume of a of gas varies inversely  with pressure at constant temperature
  18. What is the formula for boyle's law?
  19. What is Charles's law?
    if pressure is constant the volume varies directly with temperature
  20. What is the formula for Charles's law?
    Image Upload 2
  21. What is Gay Lussac's Law?
    if volume is constant temp and pressure are directly proportional
  22. What is the formula for Gay Lussac's law?
    Image Upload 3
  23. What is the formula for the combined gas law?
    Image Upload 4
  24. What is avogadro's principle?
    1 mole= 22.4 L
  25. What is the formula for the ideal gas Law?
  26. What is R for kPa?
  27. What is R for atm?
  28. What is R for torr and mm Hg?
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