Hydronic Test Questions

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  1. In what three ways does the human body lose its heat
    • Evaporation
    • Convection
    • Radiation
  2. What is a milinch?
    • 1/12000 of a foot
    • 1/1000 of a inch
  3. A compression tnak is not necessary in a system if a pressure reducing valve is udes
  4. Plug a relief valve if it continues to drip
  5. Water temps in a closed hydronic heating system does not affect the size of radiation and piping
  6. The BTUH output of a boiler can be increased by raising the boiler water Temp
  7. The BTUH carrying capacity of a pipe decreased as the velocity of water in that pipe increases
  8. The function of a control transformer is to reduce line voltage current to low voltage current
  9. The water in air is called
    Water Vapor

    (fill in the blank)
  10. The pressure exerted by water vapor is called
    Vapor pressure 

    (fill in the blank)
  11. Define latent heat
    adding or removing latent heat causes a change in physical state but no change in temp
  12. water at atmospheric pressure boils at a constant rate of ___ at sea level
    212 degree
  13. *What are the four basic component parts of a water chiller
    • compressor
    • Evaporator
    • Condenser
    • Refrigerant

    (Word Question)
  14. On what load is initial fan coil selection made, heating cooling?
    Cooling Load
  15. How is the amount of added pressure drop determined for the pipe fittings in a piping curcuit
    Add 50% of the measured length of the longest circuit to the actual measured length of the circuit
  16. What term is applied to the total of the measured length of the longest circuit and the length added for fitting allowance
    • TEL
    • (total equivalent length
  17. The available pump head per foot of pipe is usually expressed in ___ per foot

    (fill in the blank)
  18. It is strongly recommended as the best enguneering practice that the package liquid cooler be set on a ____ foundation at least ____
    the weight of the unit
    • Concrete 
    • 2 1/2 times

    (Just how it is)
  19. Why should a floor be strong enough, other than to support the weight of a package liquid cooler
    To prevent vibration
  20. Water supply lines sizes should be at the 
    ___ of the regulating valve
    Full size
  21. In laying out the piping system for chilled water, careful attention must be given to ___ conditions and to the ____ of the ____
    • Pressure drop
    • Sizing 
    • Chilled water pump

    (as is)
  22. All high efficiency boilers must conform to the latest edition of the ASME ______________, section IV
    Boiler and pressure vessel code
  23. Clearances for a boiler are based on the location and ______ system used on the instillation
    Type of venting
  24. Direct vent boilers my be vented with either a ______ side wall vent cap or a _____ roof top vent cap
    • Horizontal
    • Vertical
  25. When filling a heating system with water, open the _____ on the boiler until a steady flow of water is observed to be sure the boiler is not air bound
    Pressure Relief Valve
  26. Nitrogen is the most commonly used _____ gas for pressurizing a HTW system
  27. A solar collector is a ___ for trapping the sun's rays to heat a solution such as water, glycol or other fluid
  28. Radiation heats the air but does not transfer heat energy through space to objects within a room
  29. Balancing valves are used to control the flow of water to provide equal distribution of heat in a radiation panel system
  30. An inverted bucket steam trap should not be installed in a steam heating system if large amounts of air are present in the system and they must be quickly vented
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