Vitamix - trigger lines

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  1. Top nutritionists
    say, “get a Vitamix in your home and juice with it every day…
  2. It’s the most
    powerful way you can start your mornings…… it will absolutely change your life.”
  3. The difference?
    Vitamix is a whole foods juicer, which means... we juice the seeds, pulp, and fiber….. we juice it all.
  4. What that means to you is
    you no longer have to go through 8 cups of produce to get a small amount of juice…… less produce….and much more nutrition….saving you time and money.
  5. It’s too often
    that we sacrifice our health for a busy lifestyle.
  6. Who here
    actually has a nutritious breakfast every morning?.....Typically it’s a bowl cereal, a piece of toast with coffee…. but where is the nutrition in that?
  7. I know that with a Vitamix
    my family is getting the nutrition they need every day…... before they even walk out of the front door.....and so will you.
  8. And this is just ONE
    of the MANY ways you are going to be using your Vitamix.
  9. My favorite feature
    about the Vitamix 6300 is you already know how to use it…..
  10. Watch this...
    ...say you want to make a smoothie, or whole food juice.......ALL you do is select the smoothie setting, and press start. -- It’s that simple! That’s why you will use your Vitamix every day!
  11. Look at these big chunks of food...
    ...Because of our smart blending technology and a 2.1 HP motor you won’t bog it down…… If you try this in a normal’ll burn it up.
  12. This Tamper Stick
    is included with your Vitamix and because of our built on collar it will never hit the blades…… What that means to you???   No more broken wooden spoons or ground up spatulas.
  13. With the Vitamix 6300 you can walk away...
    ...wipe up the kitchen......get the kids ready for school.....or get your gym shoes on….. Your Vitamix will automatically shut off when it’s you perfect results every time.
  14. You can see why people
    use the Vitamix every day!    You are going to love it!
  15. All these peelings...
    you would typically throw away...... any scraps you have, just put in this container, add water and run it for 20 seconds.
  16. Now we have
    liquid compost you can throw on your backyard garden or waste nothing.
  17. What that means to you……
    you never have to turn the compost barrel or buy plant fertilizer again.
  18. This is the Perfect container for
    small quantities....and a great addition to any Vitamix.............and look at this texture, in seconds we have a liquid compost.
  19. (cleanup)
    You’ll love this clean up, Soap, Water, and Pulse,.....Done
  20. Now these containers are normally
    $140 dollars......on sale today for just $99. ......And when purchased with the Vitamix 6300 you get the same 7 year warranty..
  21. Look at this silky smooth texture.....No chunks, even the
    seeds are liquefied. Your body now absorbs all the nutrition.
  22. If you want the
    smoothest smoothies, the most delicious and easy to make frozen treats or just a simple way to get nutrition into your family’s diet.....then you need a Vitamix in your home today.
  23. And if you thought the juice was good,
    wait until you try frozen dessert I make next.  The Vitamix can make ice cream in less than 1 minute
  24. (clean up)
    Now don’t blink, you’ll miss my favorite feature; the cleanup: soapy water, pulse.....done.
  25. The Vitamix 6300 normally costs
    $650, but they are here today for only $499. With that is Included is an instructional DVD and our recipe book.
  26. Who's ever use an ice cream maker before?
    It’s way too much work and takes at least 45 minutes. Now you can make Ice Cream in just 45 seconds. The best part . . . you can make it as healthy as you want.
  27. Look at this. With just a few ingredients,
    we’ve got ice cream. Simply set it to frozen dessert and press start. It’s that simple.
  28. With the Vitamix 6300 there’s no guess work on what
    speed to use, or how long to let it run for.
  29. I only look like I know what I’m doing but
    all I do is follow the recipe book and press start. The Vitamix does the rest for you.
  30. Imagine,
    during a commercial break, you and your family can have an incredible dessert, and best of’ll know exactly what’s in it.
  31. That’s why the hardest decision
    isn’t whether or not you’ll use it it’s which color to get
  32. WOW.
    You’ll love that with minimal effort, you have optimal success every time.
  33. Look at this . . . you’ll never find
    chunks of ice… perfect texture every time. That’s why over 100,000 commercial coffee chains, smoothie shops and bars use the Vitamix.
  34. The blades on the Vitamix
    are as dull as a butter knifes; we use the power and the speed to shatter ice into a healthy and delicious ice cream.  Isn’t that amazing?
  35. You’ll use your Vitamix multiple times a day, and I
    guarantee your kids will be begging for more fruits and vegetables; and that's something you cannot put a price tag on.
  36. Now you’re really going to love what I make next. But first...
    Here is my favorite part again . . . the cleanup; soapy water, pulse, done. That’s why you are going to use it every day.
  37. You do get the option on color,
    it comes in cream, black, red, or platinum.
  38. Who makes soup at home?
    How long does it typically take you?  Anywhere from 1 hour to all day, right? That’s too much work, but now, you can do it in minutes, (pause) even faster than can soup in a microwave.
  39. Watch….With these simple ingredients use your Vitamix variable speed to instantly
    chop, mince and dice; make that perfect salsa, hash browns, or coleslaws. Look at this; you get a perfect texture every time.
  40. You don't have to do this when
    making soup, but I love to show that extra feature, and how your Vitamix will replace over 1500.00 dollars of other kitchen appliances and takes up only a fraction of the counter space.
  41. You see this unpeeled garlic?
    throw it in. Add your bullion; but do recommend peeling this one. And a few shakes of our South West spice. If you want your soup to taste just like mine, grab what we sell here, a 3 pack; it does over 300 soups and only costs $29.
  42. The recipe I am making is on
    page 95 called the tortilla soup, along with 28 soup recipes all done in minutes.
  43. Vitamix has no heating elements,
    it heats from just friction with a blade speed of 240 miles per hour. -- What that means to you is you can boil water in less than 10 min.
  44. So at home, just add 3 cups of cold water,
    set it to the soup setting, press start kick back on the couch 5 min later the machine automatically shuts off and dinner is done.
  45. For demonstration
    I’ll use hot water instead, that way it’s done in less than 1 minute. This is a short cut you can do at home as well.
  46. Outside of Costco
    I've seen the Vitamix 6300 sell from $650 upwards to $800 dollars. During our roadshow you can get a package deal for just $499 which includes our cook book, cook class DVD and a full 7 year warranty.
  47. Wow, see that steam?
    Look at how much hotter it is in just minutes...
  48. Now here is where we can add in texture. I like throwing spinach in there for
    the color and I love the crunch from the tortilla chips.
  49. At home, you can take a few left over ingredients
    like chicken, brown rice, or steamed veggies.  Press you pulse button a few times. The more times you press it the finer it gets.
  50. You have complete control over
    this machine. That's why the most highly acclaimed chefs and the top restaurants in the world use Vitamix.
  51. Now in just minutes dinner is done. Making a
    delicious and healthy hot soup with minimal effort is now a reality. You see how simple that is. My family is eating healthy because I use my Vitamix every day.  I use it because it’s simple and so will you.
  52. (Cleanup)

    (Vitamix challenge)
    You know what you need to do? (Pause)... Take what we call the Vitamix Challenge.
  53. Take this Vitamix home with you today....
    You will get the Recipe Book and the Instructional DVD as part of the package for free.
  54. As soon as you get home,
    take it out of the box and put it on your counter.
  55. Every morning for one week
    make one of these simple whole food juices, a smoothie, or pick one from the Recipe Book.
  56. At the end of that week,
    you will notice that you have more energy, you will feel healthier, and your kids will now be begging to eat more fruits and vegetables.
  57. I guarantee you that you will be in love
    with your new Vitamix and you’ll be using it daily before the week is over! You are going to love it!
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