Restorations/Molar classification

  1. Class I caries
    • Pit and fissures on occlusal surfaces of molar and premolars
    • Ex. B, O, L
  2. Class II caries
    • Mesial Distal n Occlusal surfaces of premolars and molars
    • Ex. MO, DO and MOD
  3. Class III caries
    • Mesial or Distal surfaces of incisors and canines
    • Ex MF, ML DF and DL
  4. Class IV caries
    • Mesial or distal surface including the incisal edge
    • Ex MIFL DIFL
  5. Class V caries
    • Gingival third of facial or lingual surface
    • Ex B F
  6. Class VI caries
    Incisal edge of anterior teeth and occlusal cusps
  7. Image Upload 2
    Class I occlusion
  8. Image Upload 4
    Class II occlusion
  9. Image Upload 6
    Class III occlusion
  10. Image Upload 8
    Class I caries
  11. Image Upload 10
    Class II caries
  12. Image Upload 12
    Class III caries
  13. Image Upload 14
    Class IV caries
  14. Image Upload 16
    Class V caries
  15. Image Upload 18
    Class VI caries
  16. Description on class I molar classification
    Mesiobuccal cusps of the maxillary first molar is in the buccal groove of the mandibular first molar
  17. Description of class II molar classification
    Distobuccal cusps of the maxillary first molar is in the mandibular buccal groove
  18. Description of class III molar classification
    The maxillary first molar is completely distal to the landmarks of the mandibular first molar
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Restorations/Molar classification
Restorations/Molar classification