Medical terminology Unit Clerk (Resections) Chapter 3

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  1. Adenectomy
    Excision of a gland
  2. Adenoidectomy
    Excision of the adenois
  3. Appendectomy
    Excision of the appendix
  4. Colectomy
    Excision of the colon
  5. Gastrectomy
    Excision of the stomach
  6. Laminectomy
    Excision of a piece of backbone (lamina) to relieve pressure on nerves from a (herniating) disk
  7. Myomectomy
    Excision of a muscle tumor (commonly fibroid of the uterus)
  8. Pneumonectomy
    Excision of lung tissue: total pneumonectomy (an entire lung) or lobectomy (a single lobe)
  9. Prostatectomy
    Excision of the prostate gland
  10. Splenectomy
    Excision of the spleen
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