Ch 18 Review

  1. The method used by a physician to obtain a lesion biopsy depends on what?
    size and type
  2. To properly code lesion excision you must know the behavior and the narrowest margin about the lesion and what else?
    site, number, and diameter
  3. When coding 3 biopsy of the skin preformed at the same visit what would the code be?
    11000, 11101 x 2
  4. Excision defined as full thickness would be through what layer of skin?
  5. Which modifier indicates a significant separately identifiable E/M service?
  6. What 2 items are needed to correctly code for local treatment of burns, % of body surface, and depth of burn?
    1st, 2nd, 3rd
  7. When a excision is being preformed the margin refers to what?
    Narrowest margin required to adequently excise the lesion based on the physcians judgement.
  8. The removal of a lesion by transverse incision that did not require sutured closure is reported using codes from which subsection?
    Shaving of epidermal or dermal lesion.
  9. Incision and drainage codes are divided into subcategories according to what?
    Condition for which the procedure is being performed.
  10. To correctly code lesion excision you must know the behavior benign or malignant as well as the site and ____ and  ____ of the lesion?
    number and size
  11. A fine needle aspiration of the breast with out imaging.
  12. Destruction of 7 actinic keratoses.
    17000-17003 6 units (7-1=6)
  13. Simple repair of a superficial wound of the nose measuring 5.2 cm.
  14. Removal of 37 skin tags by electro surgical destruction.
    11200, 11201 3 units (37-15=22)
  15. Suction lipectomy of the lower right.
  16. Suture of superficial of cheek 1 cm laseration, one 3 cm, one 2 cm.
    12014   (1+3+2=6 cm)
  17. Mastopexy
  18. Excision of a pilonidal cyst-simple.
  19. Split thickness skin graft, right thigh to right lower extremity. (with modifier)
    15100 -58
  20. Do not use this modifier for skin tag codes because skin tag codes are based on the number of lesions removed.
  21. Patient presents for a excision of sacral pressure ulcer with ostectomy with primary suture.
  22. Excision of 3 malignant lesions, 2.4 cm lesion of the leg, 3.2 cm lesion on the back and 1.6 cm lesion on the lip.
    11604, 11603, 11642 (longest-shortest)
  23. A established patient has a simple removal sutures preformed by the nurse, the physician did not preform the initial repair.
  24. A excision of left great toe nail and matrix complete for permanent removal.
    11750  -TA (modifier)
  25. Excision benign lesion on chest 0.4 cm with simple closure.
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