Audio fundamentals pt.2

  1. Formula for POWER in dBs:
    A doubling of power results in ___ dB increase.
    • 10log(P1/P2)
    • 3 dB
  2. Formula for VOLTAGE (pressure) in dBs:
    Doubling voltage results in ___ dB increase
    • 20log(V1/V2)
    • 6 dB
  3. What is the reference dB for POWER?
  4. What is the reference dB for VOLTAGE?
  5. dBFS refers to...
    Decibels (below) Full Scale
  6. What is the dB used as a reference level for consumer equipment specifications?
  7. What is the PROFESSIONAL reference level?
    What is the CONSUMER reference level?
    • +4dBu = 1.23 Volts
    • -10dBV
  8. SPL stands for and is used for...
    The threshold of hearing is at...
    • Sound Pressure Level
    • loudness measurements
    • 0 dB SPL
  9. Sound POWER is measured in...
  10. Sound INTENSITY is measured in...
    Watts per square meter
  11. Sound INTENSITY and sound PRESSURE both increase and decrease by ___ dB with each doubling and halving.
  12. What is White Noise?
    What is Pink Noise?
    • Equal energy at all frequencies
    • Equal energy in all octaves
  13. RTA stands for and shows...
    • Real Time Analyzer
    • Amplitude and frequency
  14. ETC stands for and shows...
    Energy Time CurveAmplitude and Time
  15. Spectrograph shows...
    Time, amplitude, and frequency
  16. Dynamic Range is...
    The range in dB between the lowest and highest amplitude
  17. Headroom is...
    The amount of dBs from signal level to distortion
  18. What are the two types of meters?
    • Average reading
    • Peak reading
  19. VU meters give a good approximation of...
    0 VU =
    • Loudness
    • 1.23 V at +4 dBu
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