Vision Mission Values Strategies

  1. What is SGO's Vision
    To promote freedom, stability and environmental stewardship, worldwide
  2. What is SGO's Values
    Integrity, Agility, Service, and Drive
  3. What do we do?
    “We provide a package of products and services to both government and commercial customers that enhance their ability to operate successfully anywhere in the world often in austere and hostile environments.”
  4. What is SGO's mission
    To enhance our customer's effectiveness anytime anywhere.
  5. What is SGO's Strategy Point 1
    Maximize our current market positions
  6. What is SGO's Strategy Point 2
    Focus on non-war funding streams; applying our Core Capabilities for internal growth and target acquisitions with related capabilities
  7. What is SGO's Strategy Point 3
    Optimize our operational model focusing on agility, surge capacity, responsiveness, and compliance
  8. What is SGO's Strategy Point 4
    Drive Organizational Excellence through inspired Operations Support- Compliant, Responsive, Effective and Efficient
  9. What is the Quality Policy?
    SGO is committed to being the leader in worldwide stability operations.

    • In pursuit of this, we are dedicated to:
    • · Meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations and all other applicable requirements.
    • ·Achieving continuous improvement in our
    • operations, our performance, and our commitment to The Sterling Way.
    • ·Establish objectives to help communicate
    • organizational direction and drive improvements that exemplify our culture of quality:  Every Time, On Time; Do it Right the First Time.
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