College Now: Intro to Political Science

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  1. Carrying Capacity
    Ability of the earth to support life without suffering deterioration.
  2. Civic Culture
    Set of attitudes toward citizenship and politics held by those in a particular nation.
  3. Class
    Division of people by their economic, social, and political standing, such as upper class, middle class, and lower class.
  4. Enlightenment
    Eighteenth-century, Western-dominated movement that believed in reason, freedom, and progress.
  5. Finite Resources
    resources such as minerals, petroleum, and safe drinking water whose quantities are considered limited, is compounded by the fact that not all of the planet's land areas can produce food.
  6. Marxism
    Political philosophy developed that posits a class struggle rooted in economics as the key to understanding societal structures and political oppression.
  7. Prescriptive Constitution
    Successful and proven ways of conducting social, economic, and political business that originate in a community’s history.
  8. racism
    Belief in the superiority or inferi­ority of a given race resulting in discrimination against, or maltreatment of, the supposed inferior.
  9. realism
    Position advocated by Reinhold Niebuhr that states, in part, that there can be no perfect justice and that in politics there are only proximate solutions to insoluble problems. Despite this, Niebuhr urged people to fight for reform.
  10. Religious Fundamentalism
    A movement to uphold, defend, and preserve age-old religious traditions and values.
  11. Revolution of Rising Expectations
    Phrase characterizing the hope for a better way of life, especially among peoples in the developing world.
  12. sexism
    A belief in the superiority of one sex over the other, resulting in discrimination based on gender.
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