Victor - 7th Grade English - A Long Walk To Water - Second Half Vocabulary list

  1. quench
    Satisfy by drinking; to put out, extinguish.

    Victor picked up a cold bottle of water to quench his thirst.
  2. utterly
    Completely, absolutely, entirely, thoroughly.

    The story the boy told was utterly ridiculous.
  3. ravaged
    To damage or harm.

    The tornado ravaged the entire town.
  4. machete
    A large, heavy knife that is used for cutting plants and as a weapon.

    The farmer swung the machete and cut through the high grass.
  5. vivid
    Sharp, intense.

    His description of the accident created a vivid picture for the police officer.
  6. merciless
    Having or showing no mercy; very cruel or harsh.

    The teacher was merciless in the amount of homework he gave his students.
  7. peril
    Danger; exposure to the risk of being injured, destroyed, or lost.

    The intense winds of the storm shook the boat and put the passenger in peril.
  8. coax
    To influence or gently urge by caressing or flattering.

    The man tried to coax the dog into his car.
  9. Arabic
    The language of the Arab people.

    My neighbor next door speaks Arabic.
  10. lumbered
    To move slowly or awkwardly.

    The children lumbered into the school after a fun-filled recess.
  11. fatigue
    The state of being very tired; weary, exhausted.

    Fatigue set in after the runners completed the 25 mile marathon.
  12. comprehend
    To understand something.

    The students could not comprehend how to do the algebraic equation.
  13. notion
    An idea or opinion; an idea about doing something.

    The young girl had a notion about who had stolen her iPhone.
  14. jolt
    To cause something to move in a quick and sudden way; to move in a quick and sudden way.

    Alex awoke with a jolt when he heard the loud clap of thunder.
  15. scythe
    A farming tool with a curved blade and long handle that is used for cutting grass, grain, etc.

    The old man used a scythe to cut the grain on his farm.
  16. civic
    Of or relating to a citizen, city, citizenship, or community.

    It is our civic responsibility to be good citizens.
  17. peace accord
    An official agreement to come to peace or end conflict.

    The United States hoped that the peace accord would help  the two quarreling nations stop their fighting.
  18. perseverance
    Persistence; continued steady belief or efforts, no matter how difficult or hard it gets.

    To keep trying.....

    Through hard work and perseverance Victor passed all his seventh-grade classes.
  19. depicted
    To show (someone or something) in a picture, painting, photograph.

    The photograph depicted the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy.
  20. secede
    To separate from a nation or state and become independent.

    Before the Civil War, the southern states voted to secede from the Union.
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Victor - 7th Grade English - A Long Walk To Water - Second Half Vocabulary list
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