Kats Ch 5-6

  1. What are the 6 Components of the Primary Circuit
    • Main Power Switch
    •  Circuit breakers
    •  Autotransformer
    •  Timer circuit
    •  Primary side of the step-up transformer
    •  Line compensator
  2. is the PRIMARY SIDE High or Low Voltage
  3. what kind of current dose the PRIMARY SIDE function on?
    DC o AC
    Alternating AC
  4. Three main components of an x-ray imaging system
    •  Tube
    •  Operating console
    •  High speed generator
  5. Radiographer controls autotransformer through ______
  6. Determining voltage step up or step down
    How many turns between each and how close you are to the end
  7. purpose of line compensator
    Measures the voltage and adjusts to precisely 220 V
  8. primary side of the step up transformer controls _____
  9. Parts of the secondary circuit 
    •  Milliameter
    •  mAs meter
    •  Secondary coil of the step-up transformer
    •  Rectification circuit
    •  x-ray tube
  10. Parts of filament circuit 
    •  Rheostat
    •  Step-down transformer
    •  Filament ammeter
  11. Filament circuit controls
    current on the tube
  12.  The induction of an electromotive current by varying the motion of a conductor across a magnetic field or by a change in magnetic flux in a magnetic field.
    electromagnetic Induction
  13. In the filament circuit where is the voltage supplied from 
    Voltage is supplied by the autotransformer.
  14. first circuit produces a current and the motion Varying current supplied to Primary coil Induces current in secondary coil
    Mutual Induction 
  15. the primary side is the side Supplied with AC. and Is the “input” portion of the transformer

    mutual induction 
  16. _________is one whose secondary voltage (VS) is greater than its primary voltage (VP). This kind of transformer "steps up" the voltage applied to it.
    A step-up transformer
  17. __________is one whose secondary voltage (VS) is less than its primary voltage (VP). This kind of transformer "steps down" the voltage applied to it
    A step-down transformer 
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Kats Ch 5-6
Kats Ch 5-6