female reproductive organs

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  1. pelviscopy
    viewing of the structures found in the pelvic cavity with a scope
  2. contains and nourishes the fetus during pregnancy. the uterus is a muscular, hollow, pear shaped organ that resides in the pelvic cavity between the rectum and the urinary bladder
  3. fundus- lies superior to the opening of the fallopian tube
    body- lies below the fundus
    cervix- lies below the body. it is a tapered, narrow opening of the uterus into the vagina or neck
    3 parts of the uterus
  4. endometrium- internal lining
    mymetrium- muscular layer which is the largest layer
    perimetrium- external layer of uterus
    3 tissue layers of the uterus
  5. utero-vaginal junction
    junction of the cervix and vagina
  6. vaginal cuff
    area where the vagina covers the cervix
  7. parametrium
    loose tissue around the uterus
  8. vascular supply bringing oxygenated blood to the uterus
    right and left uterine artery
  9. anterior cul-de-sac
    peritoneal pouch between the anterior wall of the uterus and the posterior wall of the bladder where the recto-uterine fold lies
  10. posterior cul-de-sac
    peritoneal pouch between the anterior wall of the rectum and the posterior wall of the uterus where the vesico-uterine fold lies
  11. also called the uterine tubes, are attached and located on either side of the uterus within the peritoneal cavity. their function is to carry eggs from the ovaries to the uterus. fertilization usually occurs in the tube
    fallopian tubes
  12. ampulla
    the dilated distal end of a uterine tube terminating in a funnel-like infundibulum
  13. isthmus
    the constricted portion (medial one-third) of the fallopian tubes nearest the uterus
  14. mesosalpinx
    the mesentry around the fallopian tubes providing the blood supply. it is located in the upper part of the broad ligament
  15. fimbriae
    the fringe-like extremities of the fallopian tube that lure the egg from the ovary into the tube
  16. a paired reproductive organ located on either side of the uterus that produces eggs and female sex hormones. they are attached to the uterus via the ovarian ligament. the infundibulopelvic ligament provides them with support to the lateral pelvic wall
  17. mesovarium
    the messentry around the ovary providing the blood supply. it is located in the broad ligament and holds the ovary in place
  18. right and left ovarian artery
    vascular supply bringing oxygenated blood to the ovaries
  19. vagina
    a hollow muscular canal that leads from the uterus to the external opening of the body. it is approximately 3-4 inches long
  20. 6 suspensory ligaments
    broad, round, ovarian, infundibulopelvic, uterosacral, cardinal
  21. the peritoneal fold which supports the uterus on both sides. they attach to the lateral abdominal wall to provide support
    broad ligament
  22. ligament attached to the uterus immediately below the entrance to the fallopian tube. each extend laterally and anteriorly to the pelvic wall
    round ligament
  23. suspensory ligaments of ovaries to uterus
    ovarian ligament
  24. suspensory ligament of the ovaries to the abdominal wall. the ovarian artery is located in this ligament
    infundibulopelvic ligament
  25. anterolateral support of distal portion of the uterus and cervix. the uterine artery passes thru the cardinal ligament
    cardinal ligament
  26. ligament providing posteriolateral support for the distal portion of the uterus and cervix toward the sacrum on each side of the rectum
    uterosacral ligament
  27. associated with the fallopian tubes, round ligament, ovarian ligament and broad ligament FROB
  28. the peritoneum is cut and pulled over the bladder to expose the uterus for surgical procedures
    bladder flap
  29. a hernia of the bladder that protrudes into the vagina
  30. sacs of fluid
  31. cyst of the ovary
    ovarian cyst
  32. ovarian cyst with drkly pigmented content
    chocolate cyst
  33. cyst made up of hair, teeth and bone
    dermoid cyst
  34. a tumor made up of ectopic endometrial fragments
  35. the presence of endometrial tissue in abnormal places of the uterus
  36. to dissect paracervical fascia away from the uterine wall
    extrafascial dissection
  37. extrauterine
    located outside the uterus
  38. fibroids
    non-cancerous fibrous tumor
  39. fimbroma
    a tumor composed of fibrous tissue
  40. fimbriolysis
    freeing of adhesions of the fimbria
  41. intrafascial dissection
    to dissect paracervical fascia close to the uterine wall
  42. mastectomy
    resection of all or part of the breast
  43. mesentery
    the fold of peritoneum which attaches the intestine to the posterior abdominal wall
  44. myoma
    a tumor consisting of muscle tissue
  45. paracervical fascia
    tissue surrounding the lower uterus and cervix
  46. pedicles
    the stem of a tumor
  47. perineum
    area between the anus and vagina or anus and scrotum
  48. peritonealize
    performed after a bladder flap, when the pelvic peritoneum is closed over the bladder, vaginal vault and rectum (reperitonealize means the same)
  49. rectocele
    protrusion of a hernia of the vaginal wall with the anterior wall of the rectum thru the vagina
  50. uterine prolapse
    the supportive ligaments relax causing the uterus to fall into the vagina
  51. abdominal hysterectomy
    resection of the uterus thru an abdominal incision
  52. adnexectomy
    excision or removal of adnexa
  53. colporrhaphy
    surgical repair of vagina, also called A&P Repair (anterior-posterior)
  54. anterior colporrhaphy
    surgical repair of cystocele by tightening the muscles for the anterior vaginal wall and removing excess mucosa
  55. posterior colporrhaphy
    surgical repair of rectocele by tightening the muscles of the posterior vaginal wall and removing excess mucosa
  56. culdoscopy
    examination of the viscera in the pelvic cavity of the female after introduction of an endoscope thru the wall of the vagina
  57. cystic enucleation
    surgical procedure for cysts (chocolate dermoid)
  58. D&C (dilate and curatiage)
    removal of inner lining of the uterus
  59. fimbriolysis
    surgical freeing of adhesions of the fimbriae
  60. fimbrioplasty
    reconstructive procedure for peripheral tubal occlusion
  61. hysterectomy
    removal of the uterus
  62. hysterotomy
    incision into the uterus
  63. LAVH
    Laparoscopically Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy
  64. myomectomy
    resection of a muscle tumor thru a hysterectomy
  65. omentectomy
    excision of a portion of an ovary
  66. oophorectomy
    surgical excision of an ovary
  67. ovarian biopsy
    removal of a small piece of ovarian tissue for examination
  68. ovarian cystectomy
    surgical removal of a cyst formed on the ovary
  69. pan hysterectomy
    excision of the uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries
  70. radical hysterectomy
    excision of the uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries, supportive ligaments, proximal vagina and pelvic lymph nodes- usually done for cancer
  71. salpingectomy
    excision of a fallopian tube
  72. salpinolsys
    surgical freeing of adhesions located on the fallopian tubes
  73. salpingo-oophorectomy
    excision of the fallopian tube and ovary
  74. bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
    excision of both fallopian tubes and ovaries
  75. salpingoplasty
    surgical reconstruction of the fallopian tube
  76. salpingostomy
    surgical opening into the fallopian tubes for drainage or for tubal pregnancy
  77. tubal ligation
    ligation and divisions of fallopian tubes for female sterilization
  78. vaginal hysterectomy
    resection of the uterus thru the vagina
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