B2 Energy Flow

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  1. What is a producer?
    Usually they are plants, they start a food chain by using energy from sunlight.
  2. What is a Consumer?
    A Consumer comes after Producers, they get energy from the other organisms.
  3. Algae are seen as what? (Consumer/Producer)
  4. What is a Primary Consumer?
    The first consumer after a producer.
  5. What is a Herbivore?
    A animal that eats only plants.
  6. What is an Carnivore?
    Animal that only eats meat.
  7. What in an Omnivore?
    A animal that eats Plants and Meat.
  8. What is a food web?
    A collection of Food chains that are interlinked. (interactions in a habitat)
  9. As energy flows along a food chain, only 90% is transferred. List ways as to why energy is lost.
    • Methods such as:
    • Growth
    • Egestion
    • Excretion
    • Respiration
  10. What is the equation for efficiency?
    • Efficiency= energy used for growth (output)
    •                   ---------------------------------x100
    •                       energy supplied (input)
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