Classification (B2)

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  1. What is meant by the term 'Species' ?
    A species is a group of organisms that can interbreed to produce fertile offspring
  2. What are the two ways organisms can be classified?
    • Artificial system- (based on one or two characteristics that make identification easier)
    • Natural system- (based on evolutionary relationships and is more detailed - animals that are closely related are likely to be in the same group)
  3. How are all organisms named?
    Through the binomial system
  4. What is the binomial system/how does the binomial system work?
    • There are two parts to the name, the first is the animals genus, and the second is the species.
    • remember! the genus part starts with a capital letter, the species part a lower case
  5. Name two issues with classifying?
    living things are at different stages of evolution and new organisms are found all the time,

    • some organisms present specific problems:
    • bacteria do not interbreed...the reproduce asexually they can not be classified using the 'fertile offspring idea'
  6. How can an animals features alter?
    different habitats
  7. What are the groups organisms are classified into IN ORDER.
    • Kindom     
    • Phylum
    • Class
    • Order
    • Family
    • Genus
    • Species
  8. What has allowed scientists to know more about how closely related organisms are?
    Sequences of bases in DNA
  9. As you move further down the groups organisms are classified into , what happens?
    There are fewer organisms within each group and organisms become more closely related.
  10. What can variation in organisms be caused by?
    Their genes, their environment, continuous and discontinuous.
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