GRE word list1

  1. abash
    to make enbarrassed
  2. abate
    to make less in amount; wane
  3. abbreviate
    • to make shorter
    • to shorten a word or phrase
  4. abdicate
    to give up a throne or authority
  5. aberrant
    • turning away from what is right
    • deviating from what is normal
  6. aberration
    the fact or an instance of being aberrant esp. from a noral standard or normal state
  7. abet
    to incite, encourage, urge and help on
  8. abeyance
    temporary suspension of an activity
  9. abhor
    to detest; hate
  10. abhorrent
    causing disgust or hatred; detestable; hateful
  11. abide
    to put up with
  12. abject
    • miserable; wretched
    • degraded; base
  13. abjure
    • to give up on oath; renounce
    • to recant
  14. ablution
    a washing of the body as a religious ceremony
  15. abnegate
    to deny; renounce
  16. abolish
    to end the observance or effect of
  17. abolition
    the state of being abolished; proibition
  18. abominate
    to feel hatred and disgust for; loathe
  19. aboveboard
    honest and open/honestly and openly
  20. abrade
    to scrape or rub off
  21. abrasion
    a wearing or rubbing away by friction
  22. abrasive
    • tending to abrade
    • harsh and offensive
  23. abreast
    side by side
  24. abridge
    • to reduce in scope or extent
    • to shorten by using fewer words; condense
  25. abrogate
    to repeal by authority; abolish
  26. abscission
    • removal
    • the natural separation of flowers, fruit, or leaves from plants at a special separation layer
  27. abscond
    to run away and hide in order to escape the law
  28. absenteeism
    frequent absence from school or work
  29. absolute
    • complete; total
    • unlimited
  30. absolve
    to free from guilt or obligation; forgive
  31. absorb
    • to suck up or take up
    • to take in and make part of an existent whole
    • to hold the attention or interest of sb. fully
  32. abstain
    to refrain deliberately and often with an effort of self-denial from an action or practice
  33. abstemious
    moderate in eating and drinking; temperate
  34. abstention
    the practice of avoiding sth. such as alcohol
  35. abstentious
    acting abstaining
  36. abstract
    • a brief statement; summary
    • difficult to understand
  37. abstruse
    hard to understand; recondite
  38. absurd
    laughable or ridiculous; ludicrous
  39. abundance
    more than sufficient quantity
  40. abundant
    marked by great plenty
  41. abuse
    • to use insulting language; revile
    • to use wrongly; misuse
  42. abusive
    • using harsh insulting language
    • insulting
    • physically injurious
  43. abut
    to border upon
  44. abysmal
    • bottomless; unfathomable
    • wretched; immeasurably bad
  45. academic
    • of, relating to, or associated with an academy or school
    • theoretical
  46. academician
    member of an academy
  47. accede
    to give assent; consent
  48. accelerate
    • to increase the speed
    • to develop more quickly
  49. accentuate
    • to pronounce with an accent or stress
    • to emphasize
  50. access
    • a way of approaching
    • approach
  51. accessible
    • easy to approach
    • open to the influence of
  52. accessory
    additional; supplementary; subsidiary
  53. acclaim
    to greet with loud applause; hail
  54. acclimate
    • to adjust to climate
    • to adapt
  55. accolade
    • approval; appreciation
    • words of praise
  56. accommodate
    • to make fit, suitable, or congruous
    • to provide for
  57. accommodating
    ready to help; obliging
  58. accompany
    to walk with sb. as a compannion
  59. accomplice
    associate; partner in a crime
  60. accomplish
    to succeed in doing sth.
  61. accomplished
    • being achieved
    • skilled
  62. accord
    • to make agree; reconcile
    • unity; harmony
  63. accost
    to approach and speak first to a person boldly
  64. accountability
  65. accrete
    • to grow or increase by means of gradual additions
    • to grow together
  66. accretion
    • growth in size by accumulation
    • addition
  67. accrue
    • to increase the interest on money
    • to accumulate
  68. accuracy
    precision; exactness
  69. accuse
    to blame
  70. acerbic
    bitter; sharp; harsh
  71. acknowledge
    • to recognize as genuine or valid
    • to express gratitude
  72. acme
    the highest point; peak; summit
  73. acolyte
    one who assists the celebrant in the performance of liturgical rites
  74. acorn
    an oak nut
  75. acoustic
    having to do with hearing or sound
  76. acquaint
    • th make sb. familiar with or aware of sth.
    • to cause to know personally
  77. acquintance
    • knowledge from personal experience
    • a person whom one knows, but not intimately
  78. acquainted
    • familiar with sth.
    • knowing personally
  79. acquiesce
    to agree or consent quietly without protest; consent
  80. acquired
    gained through one's own efforts or actions
  81. acquisitive
    eager to acquire; greedy
  82. acquit
    • to declare sb. to be not guilty
    • to free or clear sb. of blame, responsibility, etc.
    • to pay off
  83. acquittal
    a setting free from the charge of an offense by verdict, or other legal process
  84. acrid
    bitterly pungent; bitter; sharp
  85. acrimonious
    caustic, biting, or rancorous
  86. acrimony
    bitternes or harshness of temper; asperity
  87. acrobat
    one that performs gymnastic feats requiring sillful control of the body
  88. acrophobia
    fear of heights
  89. acuity
    sharpness; acuteness
  90. acumen
    keenness and depth of perception
  91. acute
    • keen; shrewd; sensitive
    • severe but of short duration; not chronic
  92. adage
    an old saying accepted as a truth
  93. adamant
    • too hard to be broken
    • unyielding; inflexible
  94. adaptable
    • able to adjust oneself to new circumstances
    • capable of being adapted
  95. addendum
    addition; appendix to a book
  96. addict
    to be an addict; habitually use narcotic drugs
  97. additive
    substance added in small amounts to sth. esp. to food or medicine
  98. address
    • to tackle sth.
    • to deliver a formal speech to
  99. adept
    highly skilled; expert
  100. adequate
  101. adhere
    to stick fast; stay attached
  102. adherent
    one that adheres as a follower or a believer
  103. adhesive
    • tending to adhere or cause adherence
    • an adhesive substance
  104. adjacent
    adjoining; contiguous; neighboring
  105. adjourn
    to suspend indefinitely or until a later state time
  106. adjunct
    sth. joined or added to another thing but not essentially a part of it
  107. adjust
    • to put into order
    • to become suited
  108. admire
    to regard with respect and satisfaction
  109. admission
    • the state or privilege of being admitted
    • a fee paid at or for admission
    • acknowledgment that a fact or statement is true
  110. admonish
    • to reprove mildly
    • to warn; advise
  111. adobe
    sun-dried brick
  112. adolescent
    • of or typical of adolescence
    • young person between childhood and adulthood
  113. adopt
    • to take as one's own chile
    • to take and accept
  114. adore
    • to worship as divine
    • to lve greatly; revere
  115. adorn
    to decorate; beautify
  116. adroit
    skillful; expert; dexterous
  117. adulate
    to praise or flatter excessively
  118. adulterate
    to make impure by adding another substance
  119. adumbrate
    to foreshadow in vague way
  120. advent
    coming or arrival
  121. adventitious
  122. adverse
    • not favourable; contrary
    • hostile
  123. advertise
    • to call public attention to arouse a desire to buy or patronize
    • to make publicly and grenerally known
  124. advisable
    proper to be advised or recommended
  125. advocacy
    the act or process of advocating
  126. advocate
    • to speak publicly in favor
    • person who supports
  127. aegis
    • shield
    • protection
  128. aerate
    to cause air to circulate through
  129. aerial
    of, relating to, or occurring in the air or atmosphere
  130. aesthete
    connoisseur; virtuoso
  131. aesthetic
    relating to aesthetics or the beautiful
  132. affable
    • pleasant and easy to approach or talk to
    • gentle; amiable
  133. affectation
    artificial behavior meant to impress others
  134. affected
    • behaving in an artificial way
    • assumed
  135. affection
    fond or tender feeling
  136. affidavit
    a written statement made under oath
  137. affiliate
    • to join
    • to connect or associate
  138. affiliation
    link or connection made by affiliating
  139. affinity
    • close relationship
    • mutual attraction between a man and a woman
  140. affirm
    • to confirm
    • to be confident in asserting
  141. affix
    • to stick; attach
    • to add sth. in writing
    • prefix or suffix
  142. afflict
    to cause persistent pain or suffering
  143. affliction
    the state of being afflicted
  144. affluence
    an abundant flow or supply
  145. affluent
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