meiosis and mitosis

  1. Define Meiosis.
    Cell division that results in haploid cells.
  2. Define Mitosis.
    Cell division that results in genetically identical diploid cells.
  3. why does mitosis occur?
    • Growth
    • Repair to damaged tissue
    • Replacement of worn out cells
    • Asexual reproduction (which involves only one parent)
  4. How does mitosis occur?
    • Chromosomes in nucleus are copied.
    • Chromatids pulled apart and moved towards poles.
    • Chromosomes separate.
    • Cells divide.
  5. how does meiosis occur?
    • Parent cell.
    • Chromosomes make identical copies of themselves.
    • Similar chromosomes pair up.
    • Sections of DNA get swapped.
    • Pairs of chromosomes divide.
    • Chromosomes divide.
  6. what are the base pairs?
    • A-T
    • C-G
  7. why are new cells produced?
    • Grow
    • Replace worn out cells
    • Repair damaged tissue
  8. Advantages of being multicellular?
    • multicellular organisms can grow large
    • Cell differentiation takes place
    • can become more complex
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meiosis and mitosis
meiosis and mitosis