Manifest Destiny

  1. Was slavery considered a moral issue?
  2. How were slaves looked at to the south?
    Chattel (property)
  3. in 1860 slaves were worth?
    2 billion to South
  4. would Abolitionists accept compromise?
  5. South justified slavery by?
    The Bible and Constitution
  6. State Rights of South vs. Strong central government of North
  7. What were the causes of the civil war?
    North and South Economics


    Missouri Compromise (1820)

    Compromise of 1850

    Fugitive Slave Act

    Kansas-Nebraska Act- 1854

    Sen. Charles Summer Caned In Senate- 1856

    Case of Dred Scott- 1857

    Election of 1860
  8. What was the election of 1860?
    Lincoln wins

    War begins with attack on Ft. Sumter
  9. What was the case of Dred Scott 1857?
    Dred Scott was a slave who lived in Ill. & Wisc.

    Scott sued for his freedom to Supreme Court

    Court decided that Scott could not sue because he was an inferior human being

    Court also said slavery was protected under the Constitution

    Decision meant slavery could not be excluded from any State or territory
  10. Sen. Charles Summer Caned In Senate- 1856
    Mass. Senator spoke out against slavery in Senate

    Caned in Senate by Congressman from South Carolina
  11. Kansas-Nebraska Act- 1854
    “Popular Sovereignty”- territory would decide on slavery when it became a state

    Repeal  of the Missouri Compromise

    Kansas becomes center of fighting
  12. Fugitive Slave Act
    North wanted to help runaway slaves

    Underground Railroad to Canada

    Printing of Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe in 1852- sold 300,000 copies in first year
  13. Compromise of 1850
    Wilmot Proviso- no slavery in new lands gained from Mexican war (failed)

    Compromise- California free state, slavery forbidden in Washington, D.C., strengthening of return of runaway slaves
  14. Missouri Compromise (1820)
    Missouri admitted as a slave state

    No new slave states north of Missouri’s southern border
  15. North and South Economics
    North- Industrial

    South- Agricultural

    North wanted tariffs to protect manufactured goods

    Tariff- Tax that is goods imported on goods in the United States because they were competition on American products South wanted no tariffs for access to cheap goods through trade

    • Cotton-57% of all US exports
    •     Cotton is king-because our economy exports are based on cotton

    Slavery necessary for cotton production
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