Chapter 15 #2 Vocab sheet

  1. Segregation is…….
    the separation of blacks and whites.
  2. Blockade…
    The shutting off of an area by troops of ships to keep people and supplies form moving in our out is known as a Blockade.
  3. Battle of Vicksburg
    At the Battle of Vicksburg , Union forces blockaded the city and bombarded it with cannon fire by land and sea for 48 days.
  4. Share Cropping is…..
    Share Cropping is the practice of renting land from a landowner and paying rent with a portion of the crop produced on that land.
  5. assassination
    The murdering of a government or political leader is known as an a-ssass-i-nation.
  6. black codes
    Laws that denied blacks the right to vote or take part in jury trials were known as black codes.
  7. total war
    A method of warfare that destroys not only the opposing army but also the people's will to fight is known as total war.
  8. Battle of Antietam
    In the Battle of Antietam, Union and Confederate forces clashed the town of Sharpsburg in Maryland.
  9. Battle of Bull Run
    The First Battle of Bull Run, one of the early battles of the Civil War was won by the Confederates.
  10. Freedman's Bureau
    The Freedman's Bureau was established to help the more than 4 million former sales after the war.
  11. Reconstruction
    Reconstruction refers to the rebuilding of the country after the Civil War.

    • ~rebuilding
    • ~after the Civil War
  12. The Battle of Gettysburg
    The Battle of Gettysburg lasted three days and was one of the most important battles of the Civil War.

    • -most important battle
    • -lasted three days
  13. Jim Crow Laws
    Jim Crow Laws laws enforced the separation of blacks and whites.
  14. Anaconda Plan
    The Anaconda Plan was a war strategy designed to "squeeze" the Confederacy.  

    • The Anaconda Plan was a three-part
    • war strategy to crush the South during the Civil War.
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