1. Aspects of the American Independent Movement:
    • -improvisational acting
    • -hand held, light weight cameras
    • -location filming
    • -usually one star (not major) with a cast of unknowns
  2. What was the first major film of the American indie movement?
    Shadows by John Cassavetes (1959)

    Concerned inter-racial relationships
  3. What did the French New Wave have in common with Italian Neo-Realism?
    • -location shooting (urban settings)
    • -rebelled against white telephone, studio films
  4. Where did the French New Wave differ from Italian neo-realism?
    • -focused on relationships rather than politics
    • -directed towards young, urban Parisiens
  5. What influenced the New Wave movement?
    • -Neo-Realism
    • -American gangster films
  6. Two major contributions of the New Wave movement?
    • Breathless- Jean Luc Godard- introduced the jump cut- "reality at 24 fps"
    • The 400 Blows- Francois Truffaut- introduced the freeze frame
  7. Characteristics of Film Noir:
    • -dark, low key lighting
    • -urban setting
    • -sophisticated killer
    • -derived from German Expressionism
    • -images with bars (people trapped in physical and emotional mazes)
    • -mirrors and reflections (Freudian darkness v. light)
    • -dark, wet urban streets at night
  8. Common Film Noir arc
    • -crime is committed or plotted within an intimate relationship
    • -eccentric minor characters: no loyalty in relationships- bad marriages, husbands plot to kill wives or vice versa
    • -no payoff for characters, everyone loses
    • -coincidence abounds but helps to drive the story
    • -femme fatale- narcissistic woman who drives the action
    • -private detective- generally a loner with his own code of ethics against the ineffective justice system
    • -karmic cause and effect cosmos wrapped around a moral choice
  9. Common French New Wave arc
    Personal relationships set against a contemporary urban background with unresolved ending.
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