1. What is total Force?
    Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Contactors, and Civilians
  2. What is the Air Reserve Component?
    Air National Guard

    Air Reserve Command
  3. Air National Guard
    Works for state governors 

    All fifty states

    Used in emergencies
  4. Air Force Reserve Command
    Provide combat ready units and individuals for active duty whenever there are not enough trained units and people in the Regular component of the Air Force to perform any Nation Security missions

    35 Wings
  5. Air Reserve Technician
    Full time reserve oversee day to day operation
  6. Traditional Reservist / Drill Status Guardsman
    Part Time military service

    Bridge to expand active force capabilities      

    SAF Approval

    Usually used while awaiting authority for PSRC
  8. Selective Mobilization
    Limited Scale

    Internal threats

    Not tied to external threat

    Need Presidential Order

    Life. Federal property, prevent disruption of federal activities

    Domestic emergencies
  9. Presidential Selected Reserve Call – Up
    Limited to 365 days

    President must notify congress

    Augmentation of forces for operational mission

    Limited to 200,000 people
  10. Partial Mobilization
    Meets requirements of war or external threat to National Security

    Requires President declaration of National Emergency

    Limited to 1,000,000 people

    Limited to 24 months
  11. Full Mobilization
    Reserve augmentation to full existing force for duration plus 6 months

    Requires Congressional resolution, public law or declaration of war
  12. Total Mobilization
    Include civilian facilities

    Action by POTUS and Congress expanding Armed Forces beyond existing force structure
  13. Total Force Integration
    Meet AF operation mission requirements by aligning equipment missions, infrastructure, and manpower resources within the Air Force to enable a more effective and efficient use of these assets
  14. What is the difference between Host Unit and Associate number?
    Host owns the aircraft

    Associate provide the people
  15. Define Operational Direction
    It is authority to designate objectives assign tasks, and provide the direction necessary to accomplish the mission
  16. Describe the Chain of Command for RegAF, Reserve, and Guard
    Regular AF and Reserve chain of command from the President

    Guard chain of command flows from the governor of the State

    All retain command authority of their own forces
  17. Describe Classic Associate Unit
    RegAF retains principal responsibility for weapon system·      

    Regular and Reserve Component units retain separate org structure·      

    RegAF is the Host
  18. Describe Active Associate
    ARC owns the weapon system

    One or more RegAF units

    RegAF forces are garrisoned at a Guard/ARC Base·      

    Reserve component is the host
  19. Air Reserve Components Associate
    Integrates two or more ARC units; One will retain principal responsibility for system

    Host Determined by the TF Initiative, Not the Installation—Hickam AFB·
  20. Civilian Employees
    Allows for involuntary assignment of civilian employees to Emergency Essential positions during unexpected events or military crisis·      

    E-E positions offered first to volunteers·      

    Must sign E-E position agreement      

    Required to sign for employment; agreeing to overseas work if required
  21. Define Key Position
    A federal civilian position that must be filled during a national emergency or mobilization. 

    Cannot perform reserve or guard duties while in an Key Position
  22. Describe Emergency – Essential (E-E) position·
    Supports essential combat systems or combat operations overseas. 

    All E-E positions are KEY positions. 

    All Key positions are not E-E positions
  23. How are E-E positions managed
    Functional Manager Designate E-E positions during OPLAN Development

    Installation incorporate E-E positions in the  Deployment Plan 

    Civilian Personnel Flight Manages the  E-E position
  24. Describe Air Force Engineering and Technical Services
    Largest E-E civilian workforce in USAF 

    Training is the same as active duty
  25. What are the disciplinary actions for AFEET employees?
    Supported by / subject to Military Law

    Subject to UCMJ

    Subject to host nation law

    Entitled too POW status if captured

    Refusal to perform duties, misconduct are ground for  disciplinary action, dismissal

    Document, contact home station Civilian Personnel Flight, send home, possible UCMJ
  26. Name the type of contractors
    Deployed Systems Contractors

    External Theater Support contractors

    Internal Theater Support Contractors
  27. What are the responsibilities of the Deployed Systems Contractors?
    US Operational support to military systems; support deployed systems

    Examples: CFT, FSR, RAMS, CETS

    Could be subject to SOFA, possibility UCMJ
  28. What are the responsibilities of the External Theater Support Contractors?
    Non-US companies providing goods / services·       EX: KBR and CRAF·      

    Could be subject to SOFA, potentially UCMJ
  29. What are the responsibilities of the Internal Theater Support Contractors?
    Internal Theater Support Contractors       Local (non-US) firms providing goods services·      

    Ex: Translators, construction POL delivery·
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