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    • Integers include ?
    • Both positive and negative numbers without decimals (-2,-1,0,1,2,3)
  1. What is a whole number ?
    Any positive number including 0,1,2,3
  2. What is a prime number ?
    Any number divisible only by itself and 1
  3. What is a natural number?
    Any positive integer except 0
  4. What is a median?
    The middle value in a set of values. If there is an even number of values then the median is a value in between the two values in the middle.
  5. What is another word for average?
  6. What is a mode?
    The most common value in a set of values.
  7. What is an irrational number?
    Numbers that can't be represented by a fraction. Like 3.14159265...
  8. What is an acute angle?
    An angle less than 90 degree.
  9. What is a right angle?
    An angle equal to 90 degree
  10. What is an obtuse angle?
    An angle between 90 and 180 degrees.
  11. What is a straight angle?
    An angle equal to 180 degree.
  12. What is a supplementary angle?
    Two angles whose sum is 180 degree.
  13. What is complementary in geometry?
    Two angles whose some is 90 degree.
  14. What is a virtical? ( geometry )
    Angles formed by the intersection of two straight lines
  15. How are triangles grouped?
    By angles and size.
  16. What's a scalene triangle?
    A triangle with no equal sides.
  17. What's an isosceles triangle ?
    A triangle with 2 equal sides
  18. What is an equilateral triangle ?
    A triangle with 3 equal sides and angles. (180/3=60)
  19. What is the sum of the angles in any triangle?
  20. What is true about the relationship between sides and angles in all triangles?
    • The sides opposite the angles are unequal in the same order.
    • (Largest side faces largest angle, smallest side faces smallest angle, equal sides opposite equal angles.)
  21. Any one side of a triangle is smaller than the sum of the other two ( t or f)?
  22. What are the four lines drawn inside a triangle?
    • Median: drawn from the vertex of one angle to the mid point of the opposite side
    • Bisector: a line that divides an angle into two angles.
    • Perpendicular bisector : divides a side in half
    • Altitude: a line drawn from the vertex perpendicular to the opposite side.
  23. What is the formula known as Pythagorean theorem
  24. What is the basic order of operation.
    • Pemdas
    • Parenthesis
    • Exponants
    • Multiplication
    • Division
    • Addition
    • Subtraction
  25. What is an algebraic expression with more than three terms called
  26. What is a literal equation?
    • An equation in which one variable is expressed in terms of another variable or variables.
    • Y=mx+b.
  27. What does it mean when a value is raised to a.negative exponent? Ex : 3^-4
    • It means to take the inverse of that value and raise it to the positive power
    • 3^-4=1/3•1/3•1/3•1/3
  28. What's the formula for a percentage, rate problem?
    Rate=percentage / base
  29. What is the formula for an interest problem?
    Interest = percentage × rate × time.
  30. What is a coefficient?
    • A constant value in an algebraic term.
    • (Ex. In the term 3a the number 3 is the constant.)
    • (In a term containing only a variable , like (a) the number 1 is the constant).
  31. What's an algebraic term?
    • The grouping of four pieces, a coefficient, variable, exponent, and a sign
    • (Ex. -3a^3)
    • (If no sign is present, the term is positive. If no coefficient is present than the coefficient is 1, if no exponent is present than the exponent is 1.)
  32. In factoring trinomials what are the names of the terms?
    • X^2=quadratic term
    • bx= linear term
    • c= constant.
    • Ex: x^2+bx-c
    • Ex2: x^2+3x-16
  33. What does the term ABSOLUTE VALUE mean?
    • A numbers distance on a number line from zero.
    • Even negative numbers absolute value is represented by positive numbers.
  34. What is an equation?
    An equation sets two expressions to be equal by joining them together on each side of an equals sign.
  35. What is a factorial?
    • Factorial of a number is that number multiplied by every positve integer less than it.
    • Ex: 6*5*4*3*2*1= the factorial of 6 (720)
  36. What is the FOIL method?
    • The sequence for multiplying binomials.
    • First
    • Outer
    • Inner
    • Last.
  37. What is the quadratic formula?
    (-b +/- √b2-4ac)/2a
  38. What are the solutions of quadratic equations call?
    • Roots.
    • Ex: the roots of this quadratic x^2+x-2= 0. Are 1, and 2.
  39. What is the percent change formula
    Percent change/100=difference/original number
  40. What is a quotient?
    The number obtained by dividing one quantity buy another.
  41. What is a mnumonic for trig to remember the ratios of sin cosine and tangent.?
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