Language Arts Vocab Words

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  1. Aplomb
    self-confidence, especially in different situations.
  2. Zeoluos
    showing or having enthusuiasm
  3. Euphoric
    intensely happy or confident
  4. Candid
    truthful and straightforword
  5. unobsolete
    not used anymore; outdated
  6. Forthright
    outspoken; very honest
  7. Laudatory
    expressing praise and commendation
  8. Disdain
    a feeling of contempt or disgust for something
  9. Sinister
  10. Engross
    to  occupy someone's attention
  11. Flourish
    to grow; to thrive
  12. Patronizing
    condescending; treating someone as if they were less than you or to belitte
  13. Grueling
    mentally or physically exhausting
  14. Pungent
    having a strong smell   OR      a sharp or bitter taste
  15. Laconic
    using few  words; terse; concise
  16. Zephyr
    a gentle mild breeze
  17. Wan
  18. Insolent
    not showing the proper respect; to disrespect
  19. Ominous
    threatening; suggesting something bad is going to happen
  20. Lethargic
    tired; indifferent
  21. Vexed
  22. Egregious
    well beyond the bounds of what is right or proper; outrageous
  23. Versatile
    having varied uses or functions
  24. Pertinent
    relevant; related to the matter at hand
  25. Flippant
    not showing a serious or respectful attitude
  26. Livid
  27. Divulge
    to make known; reveal
  28. Brandish
    to shake or wave something in a menacing way; usually a weapon
  29. Introspection
    examination of one's own thoughts and feelings
  30. Quell
    put stop to something; to suppress bad feelings
  31. Unanimous
    sharing the same opinion; being in full agreement
  32. Brackish
    slightly salty
  33. Perplex
    to puzzle or confuse somebody; to complicate something
  34. Bamboozle
    to deceive by elaborate trickery
  35. Modest
    moderate in the estimation of ones ability or achievment
  36. Decorum
    proper behavior or conduct
  37. Serene
    peaceful and untroubled
  38. Gusto
    great enjoyment or enthusiasm
  39. Adversary
    a person of force against another; opponent
  40. Desponent
    extremely unhappy and discouraged
  41. Amiable
    good nature and likeable
  42. Erroneous
    mistaken and untrue
  43. ostentatious
    to attract attention; to show or displayed
  44. Abhorring
    to hate something to an extreme degree
  45. Ambivalent
    having mixed feelings about someone or something; unnsure
  46. Exasperation
    to make angry
  47. Conspicuous
    easily visible; attracting attention
  48. Impending
    about to occur
  49. Nuisance
    a source of inconvenience or annoyance; a bother
  50. Terse
    using few words; brief and unfreindly
  51. Mirthful
    full of gladness
  52. Poignant
    causing sadness or pity
  53. Lugubrious
    extremely mournful
  54. Deplete
    to use up or reduce in quantity/amount
  55. Obscure
    difficult to understand; vague
  56. Audacious
    fearless; often recklessly dangerous
  57. Desolate
    empty, deserted, alone
  58. Sanguine
    cheerfully confident, optimistic
  59. Unobtrusive
    inconspicuous; not obvious
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