session 15

  1. define performance management
    the ongoing assessment and improvement of key business processes in order to drive superior results... the goal is to improve faster and better then the competition.
  2. key elements of process management?
  3. define business assessment
    comprehensive evaluation of business performance and business process management against a core set of fundamental business excellence criteria.
  4. define key role of leadership
    create and communicate a clear vision and direction for the business and fully align the organization in support. Build capabilities for future success while delivering current results by effectively balancing long term and short term priorities.
  5. define process management/high performance environment
    use a process-based view of work that integrates multiple functions working in collaboration to create a high performance environment.
  6. define fact based management and evaluation
    use a system of balanced measures that are aligned with the business goals and strategy. Include outcome and driver metrics that are both leading and lagging indicators of performance. Benchmark against standards of excellence as well as competitors.
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session 15