1. I intend to attract positive people into my life and business.
    I intend to attract the right people to help me achomplish my goals.
  2. I intend as I travel throughout my day to find people intrested in taking a look and getting involved in my business.
    I intend to speak and explain myself as clearly as possible.
  3. I Intend to be a magnate for people who want to get involved with my business -- let people who want to get involved with my business flow to me.
    I intend to prequalify in the month of JULY 2010
  4. I intend to recruite 50 people in 2010
    I intend to do 10 life apps each month in 2010
  5. I intend to make $10,000 at my Primerica business in 2010
    I intend to be a patient and positive person
  6. I intend to to RUN 5 days a week
    I accept this or something better, please make whatever takes place the highest good for myself and everyone involved.
  7. My vibrational energy does not match what I want, my energy is moving in the wrong direction. What I really want is...

    I ask my subconscious to make me aware of opportunities to achieve...
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My daily intentions July 2010