7th grade History Final

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  1. he had the bible translated into english for the first time
    john wycliffe
  2. he began a revival of biblical christianity in bohemia
    john huss
  3. he compiled a hymnbook for the german people
    martin luther
  4. he wrote the institute of christian religion
    john calvin
  5. he invented the movable type printing press
    johann gutenberg
  6. he used the original greek to publish the new testament
    Desiderius Erasmus
  7. he wrote the bible in german
    martin luther
  8. he was the people priest in Zurich Switzerland
  9. he launched the reformation with the ninety five these
    martin luther
  10. he was burned at the stake for heresy
    john huss
  11. the word protestant means what
    someone who protests agianst the catholic church
  12. What is an indulgence
    something you buy to get you out of purgatory
  13. in the catholic religion only _______ can forgive your sins?
  14. luther knew form the bible that only _______ can forgive your sins
  15. luther worked diligently to promote _____ education of all people
  16. another name for the vulgate edition of the Bible is the ________ bible
  17. baptized members of the roman catholic chuch who disagreed with any official church opinion were called ______
  18. the __________ was a special church court which investigated matters of heresy
  19. the first book printed on the movable type printing press was the _______
  20. in germany worms is a ______________
    its a city
  21. german peasants presented luther a copy of grievances known as what?
    twelve articles
  22. churches to which everyone had to belong were called what
    • state churches
    • territorial churches
    • established churches
  23. the treaty ending the thirty years war was called what
    the peace of westphalia
  24. the hapsburg family belonged to this faith
    roman catholics
  25. the counter reformation was what
    attempt to prevent more catholics from becoming prtestants
  26. the goal of the jesuits was to what
    show dedication to the pope and the roman church
  27. the thirty years war was mainly what
    a civil war over religious and political issues in germany
  28. those from holland are called what
  29. spains power diminished when what
    the british defeated the spanish armada
  30. the moors were what
    • masters of mosaic art
    • refused to profess Romanism
    • founded hundreds of schools
  31. Helvetica was in what country?
  32. what country was a neutral nation in europe
  33. Lusitania was in what country
  34. what country is Gaul associated with?
  35. what country is Iberia in?
  36. Dutch is associated with what country?
    The Netherlands
  37. Prince Henry the Navigator was associated with what country?
  38. What country was Hispania associated with?
  39. were was the peasants revolt
  40. the Hapsburg were associated with what country?
  41. he was the first communist dictator of Rissia
  42. chancellor of prussia who wanted to build a strong unified empire
  43. first lord of the british admiralty and prime minister during world war II
  44. the president of the united states during world war I
  45. his assassination led to the start of world war one
  46. his atheistic ideas formed the philosophy of communism
    Karl Marx
  47. he was the worlds worst mass murderer in all of history
  48. chosen to be lenins successor he instead fled to mexico
  49. he captured jerusalem for the british in 1917
  50. the czar liberator
    alexander II
  51. what were american soldiers in world war one called
  52. reason for bringing america into world war one
  53. government ownership and control of industry and business
  54. The russian secret police is called what
  55. religious liberalism is called
  56. the working class is called
  57. private ownership and control of industry and business
  58. communist revolutionaries were called
  59. cease fire is called
  60. the middle class in France is called
  61. karl marx wrote two pamphlets or books about communism. Name one
    the communist mani festo
  62. what happened to the romanov dynasty in russia
    they were assassinated
  63. what two sides fought in the russian revolution
    bosheviks and czar
  64. who (name) set up the worlds first concentration and slave lobor camps and where were they
    lenin and in russia
  65. the word czar means
  66. the word kaiser means
  67. give the month, day, year, and time for the signing of the armistice that ended world war one
    november 11 1918 at 11 am
  68. armistice day is now called what
    veterans day
  69. who proposed the league of nations
    president wilson
  70. what happened to the league of nations
    it failed
  71. give two reasons the U.S entered the war on the side of the allied cause
    the zimerman note and the lusitania
  72. what is the nickname for world war one
    the great war
  73. the french version of a parliament or legislature
    estates general
  74. french calvinist protestants
  75. an French assembly of representatives
  76. it said the huguenots could only live and worship in certain towns
    edict of nantes
  77. French palace that beautifully housed many government offices
    palace of versailles
  78. a time of rejection of the bible and the deity of christ
    age of enlightenment
  79. they wanted the french revolution to go much further
  80. the clergy in France were the ...
    first estate
  81. the nobility in France were called?
    second estate
  82. merchants and peasants in France were called?
    third estate
  83. In France an old castle primarily used as prison
  84. anti revolutionary movements agianst the enemies of the republic which led to their execution by the thousands
    reign of terror
  85. war fought over who would succeed to the spanish throne
    franco prussian war
  86. this policy forbade the importation of british goods into europe
    continental system
  87. napoleons final defeat
    battle of waterloo
  88. protests in paris which forced the king to flee
    july revolution
  89. what social system left over from the middle ages was done away with at the end of the french revolution
  90. when napoleons empire was at its height how much of europe did he control
    all the contenents
  91. the sun king
    louis XIV
  92. reigned for over 70 years in France
    louis XIV
  93. perhaps the greatest naval hero the world has ever known
    lord nelson
  94. the chancellor of prussia who wentt to war with france
    otto von bismarck
  95. the little corporal
    napoleon bonaparte
  96. mother of three french kings
    catherine de medicis
  97. wife of napoleon
  98. guillotined wife of louis XVI
    marie antoinette
  99. he instituted the reign of terror in France
  100. king who favored a strong monarchy he was unpopular and forced to flee to england
    charles X
  101. he crowned himself emperor
    napoleon bonaparte
  102. the first protestant king of france
    henry IV
  103. the earliest known inhabitants of the british isles were the ______
  104. the first great king of england was
  105. a census is
    a count of the people
  106. richard the lion hearted was known for
    his loce of the crusades to the holy land
  107. the most hated king of england was
  108. the magna carta was signed by
  109. under the magna carta the people of england would have
    the rule of law
  110. after losing the hundred years war to france england lost
    its land in france
  111. the war of the roses were struggles between
    nobles and nobles
  112. the england reformation began when henry VIII wanted
    to get a divorce
  113. mary I was called bloody mary because
    sought to force Catholicism on protestants
  114. who was elizabeth to mary
    marys I half sister
  115. the outstanding leader of the scottish reformation was
    john knox
  116. true of false the french helped defeat the spanish armada
  117. william shakespeare lived and wrote plays during the reign of
    elizabeth I
  118. the english civil war was fought between the roundheads and the
  119. true or false king charles got along with the puritans
  120. the bubonic plague was carried by
  121. true or false the great fire of london burned for weeks
  122. true or false the magna carta abolished the monarchy
  123. reigned for 64 years in England
    queen victoria
  124. unlike his mother what King did not resolve to be good
    edward VII
  125. british prime minister called the grand old man
    william gladstone
  126. the father of modern missions
    william carey
  127. founder of china inland missions
    J. Hudson Taylor
  128. persuaded japan to open its doors to western trade
    mathew perry
  129. missionary explored africa
    david livingstone
  130. explored australia and new zealand
    james cook
  131. missionary to the jews father of homeless waifs
    george muller
  132. creaed the modern nursing profession in britain
    florence nightingale
  133. the prince of preachers
    charles spurgeon
  134. founder of the american national red cross
    clara barton
  135. the largest continent in the world is
  136. the second largest continent in the world is
  137. the longest river in the world is
    nile river
  138. the worlds largest desert is
    sahara desert
  139. the worlds largest desert is part of the continent of
  140. britains largest possession in north america was
  141. britains largest possession in asia was
  142. a famous saying describing the size of the british empire was the _____ never ________ on the british empire
    • sun 
    • sets
  143. the suez canal connects the _______ sea and the _______ sea
    • red 
    • mediteranian
  144. it is said that britain expanded her empire throughout the world for three reasons
    • gold 
    • god 
    • glory
  145. what is the religious difference between ireland and northern ireland
    • northern ireland is protestant 
    • ireland is catholic
  146. how did great britain benefit from her the colonies in her empire
    • fresh supplies 
    • got to share about christ 
    • more trading points 
    • a bigger army
  147. how did the colonies benefit from great britain
    • they got protection 
    • they got the joy of christ 
    • british rules of law
  148. why was queen victoria considered to be one of the best moarchs in britains history?
    • because she said she would be good 
    • she was a nice queen 
    • she didnt care what religion you were 
    • she ruled for 64 years 
    • she was friends with disrali
  149. he was a viking explorer
    leif ericson
  150. he found the west indies
  151. he was the first european to travel the length of asia
    marco polo
  152. he searched for the fountain of youth in florida
    ponce de leon
  153. he discovered the pacific ocean when he crossed isthmus of panama
  154. his crew was the first to sail around the world
  155. he conquered the aztec indians
  156. he explored and claimed the coast of america for england
  157. he founded the first permanent french colony in the new world
  158. he was the first english men to sail around the world
    sir francis drake
  159. the nation of india is called a subcontinent because
    of its size and relative isolation
  160. the following are major religions of asia
    buddhism of taoism
  161. india is surrounded by
    the Arabian sea, the Himalayan mountain, and the bay of bengal
  162. which one of the following is not one of the four traditional castes in indian hinduism
    guptas (the wealthy)
  163. the founder of buddhism was
  164. nirvanan means
    a paradise of perfect peace
  165. the taj mahal was built as a
  166. today the country with the largest population is
  167. the largest country in the world is
  168. taoism emphasized
    living in harmony with nature
  169. the worlds longest fortification is in the country of
  170. the great silk road linked
    china and the roman world
  171. the largest empire in history belonged to
    genghis khan
  172. the largest continent is
  173. european to reach the far east by sea was
    vasco da gama
  174. first permanent english settlement in the new world was
    james town
  175. worlds oldest living civilization is
  176. father of modern missions is
  177. european explorer who landed on the island of san salvador starting the settlement of the new world was
  178. the worlds longest fortification is
    great wall of china
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