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  1. How do we perform trigger point in Hydrostone?
    short cold application (less than one min.) and then flush out with heat
  2. List two cultures that used stones for healing and describe how they were used.
    • Philippians- used as an exfoliator for skin
    • Mayans- used for fertility and visceral detox
  3. Where would you place hot resting stones for a client who has anterior rotation of the shoulders?
  4. Where would you place hot resting stones for a client who has an elevated left shoulder?
    base of neck (trapezius and levator)
  5. List three guidelines for face and neck work during a Hydrostone session.
    • No hot stones on ant. neck
    • No hot stones on eyes
    • Do not leave heavy stones on face/neck
  6. Why can the client have an "itchy" sensation during a Hydrostone treatment?
    Hyperemia - increased blood flow
  7. Why do we need to be careful when using essential oils during a Hydrostone session?
    • client may be allergic to some oils
    • the water will intensify the oils
    • use 2/3 less than you typically would
  8. Why is multiple sclerosis a contraindication for hot Hydrostone massage?
    • Client has less nerve sensation
    • Client has less, or no, ability to fight infection from detoxifying the body
  9. Why is dehydration a contraindication for Hydrostone massage?
    Hydrostone promotes detoxification of the body and if you are dehydrated you are unable to get rid of the waste and can potentially cause further problems such as flu-like symptoms
  10. What does visceral detoxification create within the body?
    alternating hot and cold creates a wind in the organs, "funnel effect".  It creates a pushing/pulling effect within the body
  11. List 3 benefits of cold.
    • anesthetic
    • tones muscles
    • cooling and refreshing in summer
  12. List 3 benefits of heat.
    • increase ROM
    • deep relaxation
    • increased circulation
  13. Describe the order in which you would dress the table
    2 bottom sheets, 1 top sheet, face rest cover, and towel
  14. List 3 benefits of a stone facial.
    • exfoliate skin
    • help with headaches
    • ease sinus pain
  15. List some areas where you can drape with the stones.
    feet, back, glutes, abdomen, post. neck, and head
  16. What is the chase technique?
    2 stones 6-8 inches apart, 1 hot and 1 cold, and following one stone with the other, ALWAYS end with cold
  17. Describe how Hydrostone can be incorporated into 3 other modalities besides trigger point.
    • sports- decrease muscle soreness
    • cranial- decrease pain from headaches and sinuses
    • lymph- increase lymphatic circulation
  18. What three types of veins are contraindicated for Hydrostone massage?
    • varicose
    • venofemoralis
    • irregular veins
  19. What is hyperemia?
    blood brought to surface, pink to red spot on skin
  20. Red marbling indicates what?
    potential tissue damage to follow because the stones are too hot
  21. Your client comes in with a fever.  What should you do?
    Reschedule appointment and suggest client seek medical attention if it does not get better
  22. Your client suffers from migraines and low back pain.  Where do you place stones?
    Cold stones on neck and face, hot stones on low back and feet
  23. What type of stone is best for cold?
  24. What type of stone is best for heat?
  25. Your client becomes nauseas during session.  What do you do?
    Stop working, place cool towels on face and neck, give small sips of tepid water
  26. What is the typical temperature for a pregnant client?
    • 110o-120oF
    • Some may need it lower
  27. What is the typical temperature for a regular client?
    120o-130o but no more than 140o
  28. How should you clean your stones between clients?
    place spa oxidizer and Epsom salt in the roaster and stir
  29. How should you clean your stones at the end of the day?
    scrub stones with soap, rinse and dry off
  30. How should you apply a cold stone?
    slow, with firm deep pressure
  31. How long can the effects of hot stone last for?
    up to 3 days
  32. It is our responsibility to __________ our clients on contraindications.
  33. Which penetrates deeper hot or cold?
  34. Yang can handle more _____ than yin areas of the body
  35. How long should nursing clients wait after a session before nursing and why?
    2 hrs. because Hydrostone promotes detoxification which gets into the breast milk
  36. What temperature is best for migraines?
  37. What does stone tapping do?
    creates an electrical charge that allows tissues to heal faster
  38. When doing a contrast treatment what is the time of one duration?
    30 seconds cold, 3 minutes hot
  39. If there is an excess you should use a _______ stone.
  40. If there is a depletion you should use a _______ stone.
  41. How do you recharge stones?
    • place under running water
    • bury them in ground during rainstorm
    • lay them in the highest sun
    • leave them out during a full moon
  42. What is the minimum time it will take to set up before a session?
    30 mins.
  43. A short application for cold is __________ and a long application is __________.
    • less than one minute
    • more than one minute, but less than 15 mins.
  44. How long does it take to reheat/cool a stone?
    3-5 mins.
  45. When cold is first applied to the body, the blood vessels _____________, then they will ____________.  After one minute of cold the vessels will one again _________ to prevent ________ from the core.
    • Vasoconstrict
    • Vasodilate
    • Vasoconstrict
    • heat loss
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